Monday, April 4, 2011

The One Where We Master the Come-on-Command

Suck on that, ficBella.

One of the most ridiculous ficBella maneuvers is the Come-on-Command. Right? Right. It's made fun of across the board. That's a fucking (nonexistent) talent. She can do it in an instant! On command! So we tease. And mock. Yet the BD photos and video clip leaked this week and there were instagasms all over the fandom. The video? Come.on.command. Please, don't pretend you didn't watch it on fucking continuous loop, searching the entire screen for a sound button. The back+shoulders+thrusting combo was ---flatline---.

Until 18Nov arrives, here are a few commanding ::nudge, wink:: photos to keep you occupied.

It's instant here. Done and done.

The hair, the scar, the scruff... the socks? Damnit, @singlestrand!

Ohai, gorgessity. Cannot handle it. I'd switch for her.

I want to pants him. (He can keep the glove on.)

Um, the only thing that comes to mind here is: Where were the fingers in the video? #summitcockblocks

Presh and sex, all rolled into one. If we were all so lucky...


AJo said...

Wait wait wait. THERE WAS A VIDEO?! i seriously missed out on that one--i just saw some suggestive headboard grasping. care to help a perv out with a link to the audio-less video?

MrsBing03 said...

If you send me your email address (to, I will link you to the video. Summit was passing out empty (??) threats, so I refrained from posting the video. You want the video. Trust. ;)

AJo said...

Oh yes please! Could you send me a message on FFn? My profile is here:

smilycowzrock said...

Me as well please!!!! http://

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