Monday, November 30, 2009

The One Where We Get the Ball Rolling

Well hello, lovely Twilighty Friends! Twi-fecta is officially up and running!! It's about damn time that Mrs Bing and I made our first post! Tomorrow we'll be making some personal introductions but tonight I'd like to share with you how we came to be, and what you can expect from this little corner of the Fandom.

Twifecta was born earlier this fall between two real life friends critically inflicted with Twilight Addiction (aka "Robsession" or "extreme fangirling"). Though we've got about 1200 miles between us, we found we were talking, texting, tweeting, and Facebooking various Twilight-related stories, news info, and funny RL shit to one another. So we thought, why not blog about it? We're semi out-of-the-closet about our "pastime" in our daily lives, but we wanted a place of our own where we could fly our freak flag loud and proud. In a non-PG13 fashion. (beware, we like smut & we like to swear!)

And because YOU are online flying YOUR Twilight Freak Flag, you're here! With us! Let's snuggle & look at some Robporn, ok?

Now then, onto other pressing matters. What makes up the trifecta of Twifecta? The Books, obviously - because they started it all. The Movies. Because they brought the story to life with bad running, campy lines, and cheesy sparkles (and of course we love it). Plus, the movies give us Rob. And Red Carpets. And Press Tours. And Rob. Finally, The Fanfiction. The books ended with the Supreme Cockblock of All Time... and we wanted MORE. So what do you do after you read, re-read, and poke around online? You stumble across Fanfiction - where there is no cockblock of any kind. It's a glorious rabbit hole to fall into!

So we're pretty much gonna wax-poetic about all three elements here on Twifecta. Plus general snark, fangirling over various Fics, discussion of Ashley's unfortunate Red Carpet attire, snippets of hilarity from moments when our Twi-lives intersect our Real Lives. You get the drift.

Now, go check out Fun With Manny Edward over on the left, as well as Mrs Bing's take on some of The Stew's latest attire. In case you're new to the fandom (Welcome! We won't bite, but we might grope you!) I've posted links to some excellent Fics, as well as some fanfuckingtastic Twi-sites over on the right. We don't care of you're Team Edward, Team Jacob, Team Charlie... We're just glad you're Team Twifecta!


PS - it goes without saying that we're EVER so thankful to Heather for her banner & blog expertise. MWAH, bb!!

PSS - you don't really know the Twilight Fandom if you've not seen this. We're not just screaming fangirls... We also have tremendous power to do fantastic things. For more details, please visit these sites and check out how $87,605.00 was raised for an incredible cause.


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