Monday, December 28, 2009

The One Where I Dabbled In Naughty and Nice

Christmas Eve was filled with anticipation for all members of the Bing household. The tiny Bing’s were obviously antsy for Mr. Claus, while MrBing was hopping-excited to put toys together and finish off a plate of cookies. I, on the other hand, was anxious to learn Santa’s verdict. You see, I dabbled in NICE and NAUGHTY this year. Would I wake up to a surprise from my Nice List or a happyfuckingfriday from my Naughty List?

Dear Santa-
I’ve been really, super-nice this year. I’m hoping you might bring me what I have been wishing for. I would love to read the completion of Midnight Sun. I would like better hair for Jasper (poor, poor Rathbone). A rewrite of Bella's horrific choice of name for her child would be sheer perfection (please, oh please!). A change-of-name for Renesmee would be a very Merry Christmas, indeed. I would appreciate a sneak-peek of Bella’s wedding dress. I'd also like to see an Oscar nom for the gorgeous Anna Kendrick. She deserves it, "Movie-Night-With-Anna!" And some good, quality time with Anntastic23 would be nothing short of lovely. Please and thank you!

The suspense is killing me. Maybe a little preview, Santa? Pretty please?

I’ve been fantastically naughty this year. I want to read the completion of CW&IA. I need more pulling of Edward’s hair in the Twi-flicks. A detailed rewrite of the tent scene in Eclipse will be necessary (this should include Jacob’s dirrrrty thoughts, as well as exactly how much he was "packing" up against Bella). Think specifics! I also want a sneak-peek of the Isle Esme headboard-destroying, feathers-flying good time that we won’t get at the theatres. I'd also like better Red Carpet Fashion Choices for Ms. Greene (no bump-its, please!) Last but not least, I will need one of Anntastic23’s “Dream Gift Baskets.” And don’t leave anything out. Thanks.

That's right. Just a bit more of the hair pulling.

So, what do you think he left me? (Besides the Wide Awake Epilogue - THANK YOU, Mr. Claus!!!)

*Added by Anntastic:

Dear Santa-
I'd like everything on MrsBing's list. Plus, I want to use one of my Wish List items for Rob. Please make sure he's "gettin' some" this holiday, ok? Since it's obviously not with me, I hope he & the Stew have had some SERIOUS non-paparazzi time. I also hope that Mrs. Pattinson will get some family time with her son. Yep, that is for sure on my NICE list. I'm a mom... of a boy. And I can only wish that for the mother of The Most Beautiful Man Alive. I'd also love for you to bring me a behind-the-scenes video of the Harper's Bazaar photoshoot. Please include smelling salts with that, because I'll need them. And finally, I wish for more quality time with MrsBing. The yin to my yang. Make sure her stocking is stuffed, ok? Thanks, Santa!!


Rob's Swiss Miss said...

Um, big fat ditto on the naughty request list ;)

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