Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The One Where We Deal With The Drought

**Please see note at end of post!**

It's been ages. No Rob. No Stew. Not even TayTay (though Ms. Swift-y has been out & about.) Even the event-staple Miss Greene hasn't been seen walking her dog or shamelessly showing up in the gift lounge at some "Charity For Drunken Celebrities" dinner. **Ironically, within hours after posting this, news broke that Tay2 was kaput, & Ashley & her dog departed out of LAX. Maybe this post will bring more ROB?** Anyway...Blogs are going nuts reposting old interviews, pictures, etc. The Twitter crowd is RT'ing the hell out of any & all Robporn. Photographers & magazines are releasing new outtakes - but maybe only 1 or 2 at the most. It's a DRY SPELL people, and the fandom needs lubrication to get through this. (why...why does it always go back to lube for me?)

So my question to yall is: What are you doing to survive this dry spell? Or are you just biding your time by picking up your REAL life where you left off? You know, the one where you cooked dinner, read REAL news, sought out REAL books at the library, and spent time with your family. As for me? Instead of doing all the things I SHOULD be doing (take down Christmas decs, put away outgrown kids clothes, finish thank you notes, diet, work out, etc) here's what I HAVE been doing:

Anntastic23's PATTINsonED Plan
for Surviving The Drought of 2009:

1. Fanfiction. Obviously, this goes without saying. But the amount of fic I've managed to read since the New Moon premiere & press hoopla died down is INSANE. I may or may not have created a 3 page spreadsheet to keep track of the Fics I've read (catagorized into Completed Fics, Work-in-Progress, and One-Shots...naturally.)

And this is only page 1 of 3. I'm giddy with organization.

2. Re-Evaluating my Top 5 Girlcrushes in Advance of the Winter Awards Season. Nothing prepares you better for the onslaught of talent and photo-ops brought on by Sundance, The Globes, and of course, The Oscars. The "Girlcrush List" is the female equivalent of the Freebie 5. It's the TOP 5 ladies you'd go lesbison for. Or make out with. Or steal their shoes. Because my girlcrush list is FULL of bitches with fantastic shoes. In light of Ms. Kendrick's turn in Up in the Air, I've had to head back to the drawing board & rearrange some things (Down you go, Ellen Page....Yes, that's nice.....Make room for Anna K....Great....Now, Ms. Portman, you stay right where you are.... Very good. KStew, you're on top....OK, now Ms. Deschanel you'll remain in slot #2...) And just like that, I'm ready to see what the winter awards bring us!

Mad talent and mad steeze. Can't wait to see what they wear on their feet.

3. Playing with Action Figures. So yall have seen our Edwards. You've even seen him have his way with Spiderman. We have some new residents at the Anntastic house. They're from Star Wars. It's fun. It pisses off my husband. It passes the time. Enough said!

Say it. Out loud.... WOOKIE.

Really Edward?
AGAIN w/the whole "Your schwartz is as big as mine?"

4. Organizing the Robporn. Now here's a way to pass time that's actually PRODUCTIVE and fun! I mean, COME ON...did we not just go through the photo-spree to end all photo-sprees? Sweet Baby Shiloh, November was out of control! I was dragging photos off the blogs right & left and they were all over my desktop! And now, during the drought? I shall organize (and for those of you who know me, almost nothing gives me greater pleasure than organizing. To quote Monica "I think I had a tiny little orgasm right there!")

Organizing + Robporn = INSTA-GASM!

And with that, I'm off to make use of my time. Until Rob & Crew show up to make our panties go "poof!"... Until Sundance... Until the Oscars... Until a director is selected for Breaking Dawn... Until trailers & stills from Eclipse surface, Until Remember Me premieres in March... We'll be here. With VERY well-organized Robporn.

** As most of you know, HE'S ALIVE! And well! In London! Pictured with his sister, Lizzie. Article appeared yesterday in British paper. You know what this means? Anntastic got one of her Christmas Wishes!

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Rob's Swiss Miss said...

Well, hello there...you can thank FireCr0tch for pointing me in this direction. And I think I've found my online organizational soulmate! I made color coded spreadsheets (complete with pictures) during Twi-Clue a while back. My cohorts think I'm crazy when I send them tables organizing our blog post fodder. Excel makes me squee and I've got more photo folders than you can shake a sparkle peen at. *snuggles in and gets cozy* I think I'm gonna like it here ;)

PS - During the drought I'm teaching myself to breath properly again; devouring FF (CWIA!); and taking time to go back and appreciate the stuff that we couldn't when it was being churned out at lightning speed. But that's only going to get me through another month tops. *wrings hands nervously*

Anntastic23 said...

WELCOME! Rob's Swiss Miss!!! Both Mrs Bing and I are INSANE organizational (and cleaning freaks). When I don't hear from her for a day or so I know that either A) one of her kiddos is sick (BOO!) or B) She's on a BING. And her binges include the Spot Bot and other various sundry cleaning implements. We're huge Dyson fans, in fact, my mini-handheld Dyson vac is my BEST FRIEND :) So welcome, my dear! We're so glad to have you! Taking time to go back & appreciate the stuff cranked out at lightening speed - GREAT idea. Like all those press vids that I promised myself I'd watch (again). It's gonna be a long hard winter! xoxo

MrsBing03 said...

You put "long" and "hard" next to each other in that last sentence. Heh. Thanks for that. :)

MrsBing03 said...

And WELCOME to Rob's Swiss Miss! Love the name. We're glad to have you and glad to wave our freak flags together (Rob + Twi + organization/cleaning = ahhhhhhhhh).

NaughtySparkle said...

Oh..God...I just CAN'T! This post made me slide right off my chair!!

It had everything that would CLEARLY kill me:
Spreadsheets *haha I said spread*
Girl Crushes...not to mention 2 of my top 5. Ms. Portman and Zoey.
Action Figures, more specific STAR WARS UNF!!
RobPr0n organizing?!?!? DED. That is like a hobby of mine! You have the keys to the kingdom you know the extent of my problem!!

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