Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The One Where I Fangirl ("pimp") Lola

I've been waiting to do this post since before I started this blog. But for reasons I'll explain below, I could not. So to quote Alice, "It's time!"

I'd read a smattering of fics last spring before I discovered Lolashoes early in the summer. And when I did, Sweet Baby Shiloh! There was no stopping me. I tore through everything she'd written and told anyone who'd listen about it. When our blog finally came to fruition the first Fanfic I wanted to recommend was Lola's Let Your Light Shine. (side note: it was actually a toss-up btwn LYLS & Dark Side of the Moon - which I rec'd because it's phenomenal AND the timing was PERFECT with New Moon's premiere!) However, Ms. Shoes had pulled two of her fics for re-working, and I couldn't very well recommend something that wasn't out there. But guess what, hookers? Let Your Light Shine and it's FANTASTIC sequel A Life Extraordinary go back up on January 1, 2010. AND! The follow-up to ALE will start posting on January 15th! So this post is really a massive Fanfiction rec / Lola pimp / major fangirl moment. So pay attention, because here's the nitty-gritty.

A Life Extraordinary....printed out & gazed upon by Edward.

Let Your Light Shine is Lolashoes AU, BxE, 17 Chapter continuation of the Twilight Saga, picking up at Breaking Dawn's famous "fade to black" scene. Lola takes Bella & Edward's honeymoon from there....and makes it everything we'd hoped for and more. She takes you through their weeklong honeymoon - and yes, there is WAY more than just smut & feathers... There's character development, plot, all the Cullens, and some of the best quotes you've ever read. And her story ends with Bella's change. I cannot appropriately express how fantastic this story is, or how well-written, or just how beautifully Lola built on the Canon story & characterizations. It really is everything you'd want to see for our beloved couple.

Clickity-click & go READ!

A Life Extraordinary (the sequel to LYLS), is Lola's 47-Chapter continuation of Bella & Edward's life after the change. She reveals Bella's gift (it's not the same as the book!), shows us daily life with the Cullens, and takes us along as Bella & Edward explore their love and meaning to one another now that they are on equal physical footing. There are "Love Days" and hunting trips. There are outtakes and even resolution to Edward's leaving in New Moon. It is truly extraordinary. If you thought you loved Bella & Edward before...

In addition to Lola's gorgeous fics reappearing on January 1, she also debuted a new blog the other night - If you love her writing, please take a look. She'll be posting teasers, visual "inspiration", and her posting schedule. You can also link to her other fics over on the right-hand side. (I'll be talking about those in upcoming rec posts too!) Bee-tee-dubs, Lola's fabulous website was created by THESE lovely ladies!)

Click to visit Miss Shoes!

And finally, the last bit of Lola-news is the LYLS / ALE Tribute that TwiSherry is doing over on her blog - Every day she's posting pictures (sexy ones! like, REALLY sexy ones!) that correspond with each of the chapters, as well as quotes, reader reviews, etc. I've been helping her out with it and it's so much fun. Please go take a look at all of Sherry's hard work!

She's SUCH a tease!!!

And with that, I will close. Go get your Lola on starting January 1, or even now if you clicky the link to Pictease! But I promise - you will not be disappointed! Besides, you probably want to know what a Love Day is! And, starting January 15, the sequel (she's not released the name!) to ALE will debut. I can hardly wait! (queue fangirl squeeeeee!)

I told you I'm a total slut for Lola! I even have a t-shirt to prove it!


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Did you buy your love day tshirt or are you crafty and make it yourself? It is great!! :) Can't wait for the sequel!!

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