Thursday, December 31, 2009

The One Where 2010 Requires A Little Bit of Prep

2010 is finally upon us and there is oh so much to look forward to. I do, however, suggest a little prep-action before the goodness begins. The events that 2010 will bring are going to ruin le undies. Trust me on this. I can offer up three suggestions as to properly prepare for the onslaught of delicious, in the event that you are not already aching and ready for it. You will need to either: A) Restock your panty supply (and fill up that drawer because there will be changes-a-plenty) B) Skip the undies altogether (this may be your best option. Just sayin’.) C) Pull the “Shamwanties” out of your gift basket and put those bitches to use. Seriously.

The event that I am currently prepping for is the 100 Cities with 100 Monkeys Tour. Please don’t even get me going on this one. Eh. Here I go anyway. I have been trying so hard to desensitize myself (it is even possible, people?) to the HOT that is j.action and j.rad in hopes of being somewhat in control of my situation when they come to my fabulous city and I am able to stand within feet of this ridiculous band. I honestly don’t think that any amount of prep work (music, photos, videos, over and over and over) will increase my chill factor at all when that glorious time comes. I cast my vote (more like a plea, if I’m going to be honest) three months ago in hopes that they would choose my city. I refreshed my screen hundreds of times on October 28th, just hoping to glimpse my city on that list. YES! They’re coming! But when? WHEN?! The suspense is killing me, but they have finally started leaking out the tour dates. I am trying to be patient. In my prep, I’m considering Option B, obviously. j.action is on my list, you know. Commando is the way to go where the list is concerned, right?

100 Monkeys. Yes. And yes. And yes.

That show is going to take a bit of recovery time, then I’m on my way to prep for Eclipse. It goes without saying that this next installment is going to be ah-mazing. I’m thrilled to see what David Slade has in store for us and I am dying to see our fave cast back in action. June 30th, June 30th, June 30th… I feel like I just cannot wait that long, yet I know that I’m gonna need the time to get those “Shamwanties” ready. I’m going with prep-Option C for this event because let’s face it: I’m going to need something for that movie, I will be sitting in a chair for a couple of hours, I’m NOT getting up to change them. “Shamwanties” it is. Problems solved.

David Slade tweeted this photo during filming. I love it.

Comic-Con + Twi-cast + Twi-fecta = a room full of sexualfuckingtension. That event is going to be mad and I am going to enjoy every minute of it. The plaid! The flannel! The eye-fucking across the panel table! The slight touches during the photo ops! Robsten delivers quite often where that shit is concerned. And to say I am thankful would be an understatement. Of the year. I’m going with Option A for San Diego prep. I do not yet know which day they’ll be gracing us with the aforementioned tension (insert *unf*) so I’m thinking I’ll bring a shitload of underwear. SO. READY.
Dude. When he snuck his hand over hers... No. Words.

Oh, there’s so much more. Anntastic meet-ups (thank you, Santa!), January 15th (ALE sequel!), Eclipse press tour, Breaking Dawn filiming (and any details—grrrrrrr, I’m an impatient bitch about this)… So I suggest that you get to prepping yourself, as well. It’s going to be a happyfuckingnewyear. I can feel it.


NaughtySparkle said...

You remember how when you were in High School and knowing you had either Summer Break or Winter Break coming over the horizon seemed to get you through it? Well, this post pretty much just summed up all the events that will single handedly pull me through 2010.


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