Friday, January 1, 2010

The One Where Kellan Pairs A Stellar Pair Of Pants With A Lady-Scarf. W. T. F.

As you may remember, The Mr. (Facinelli, that is) wore a girlie freaking scarf a little while ago. I actually think it may be a habit of his, but please don’t hate on me for saying so. Now let’s take this in for a sec:

Kellan Lutz on December 29th at the Klutch opening in Miami. It would be impossible for him to choose a nicer-fitting pair of pants. Impossible.

If you’re a manly-man trying to wear a lady-scarf, this is how you do it. The black-all-over (you cannot go wrong with all black, I’m a major fan), the fit of those damn pants (is he serious?! They are so delicious)… As far as the accessories go, his boots and cap are a nice contrast to the lady-scarf. And I'm pretending not to see those pretty little tasseled sections at the scarf-ends because at least he chose a solid gray and not the patterned shit that I previously called The Mr. out for. If the lady-scarf absolutely has to be worn by a man, I'd like to use this as an example of how to do it. I think Kellan did a fine job with this outfit. Now, can the Twi-men (so freaking hot, each and every one of them) please, please stop wearing such dainty scarves? Please?


Annie Cristina said...

Kellan Lutz was in MIAMI, where I fricking live?! How didn't I know about this?!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah and they are vamps so they don't feel the cold anyway.. oh wait, that's not right?

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