Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The One Where PocketBella Finds Solace in Cupcakes, the BFF, and Unicorns

PocketBella has been feeling a little down lately. For starters, she hasn’t seen PocketEdward since November. Holy palpable tension, Batman. Her usual playmates (the Bing kiddos) have been too wrapped up in Christmas to hold any interest in a figurine that has neither elbow nor knee joints (kind of limits the posablility, eh?). And I [insert shameface] have started rereading my favorite Madeline L’Engle Time quintet. Hey. I’m saving a Twi-reread until we get a tad closer to Eclipse time, so shutuprightnow. So, yeah, Bella is feeling the neglect. She even held her very own pout-session, New Moon styles.

November. December. January.

While we have no werewolves in this part of the country (that we know of) to provide any sort of pick-me-up for her, she has been reunited with her bestie! They’ve been enjoying coffee runs (Bella needs a little espresso to keep up with the chatty/shopping/nocturnal that is PocketAlice), and Alice has been prepping Bella for a possible Valentine’s Day reunion with PocketEdward. Cupcakes, anyone? I hear that PocketBella has also been on a mission for unicorns… Do with that what you will.

Reunited, at last!

Bella likes it cold. Like, really, really cold.

PocketBella's been busy in the kitchen. I would assume, thanks to those
cupcakes, that she's hoping for a PocketEdward tatt-addition. Or two or three.

PocketBella's Valentine's Day reunion preparation.
Looks like PocketEdward has some ink to attend to...

PocketBella and her UNICORN. Off to bake and bag some cookies
just as soon as she reads the WA Epi!


VitaminR said...

Love it! Oh the photo op possibilites if we owned all the Pocketfigures. I think my family would commit me if I did.

All us girls like our unicorns larger than life just like PocketBella right?

NaughtySparkle said...

So I have a few questions for you missy.
Which B&N were you at and why didn't you call me?
(not a question just a comment) Nov-Jan was BRILLIANT!
Lastly, I was thinking that the reunion with Alice was going to lead to a little slash. That looked like a very intimate hug.

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