Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The One With the One-Shot to Die For

Let's face it, there are a ton of fantastic Fic Rec sites (head over to our sidebar, pleasies) out there. But for some of our readers, who might just happen to be RL friends (*waves* HI!) and have not yet ventured into the glorious world that is fanfic, I thought I'd start out slow. We're sticking with Vamps again (not the aforementioned naughty vamp) but this time we're moving away from the "Canon" Cullens that I've previously rec'd and into a vampire world that's fairly AU (alternate universe).

So first up on our little journey away from Canon is a delicious one-shot titled Innocence is Dripping Red by EchoesOfTwilight. Submitted for the Darkward Vampfic Contest, it's INSANELY well-written, it's captivating, it's hot, and ladies....Edward doesn't hunt animals. You get me? (click to be linked)

Oh yes, this Edward is dark. And he's DELICIOUS.

He stalks the streets, feeding off the scum of society but he uses an very...shall we say...interesting method to get motivated. I won't give it all away, but he meets Bella in a club and things proceed from there. Bella's all hot and goth and confident. I imagine her a bit like this:

She knows her way around heavy metal.

"She stretched her lithe body up to speak in my ear, unaware that I would have heard her whisper from across the room.

“Dance with me.” Still her thoughts were drowned in the cacophony, but her words were beautiful.

Closing the distance between us, I nodded, swallowing the venom that pooled in my mouth. I could do this, I just had to be careful. Had to be gentle with this demon-goddess standing before me wrapped in lace and leather."

What's amazing to me about this one-shot is how Echoes manages to convey so much about her characters without being too wordy (the nature of the o/s, to be sure!) And she's able to snag your interest in the first paragraph and get you on board as fans of her Edward & Bella in such a short time frame. By the end, you're panting for more...

Who DIDN'T want to see Edward throw Bella on the chaise & devour her?

...and lucky for us, there actually IS more. In her Authors Note she writes: "I shamelessly whored Voyeurward out for the Fandom Gives Back sale, and to my utter shock EIGHT generous women paid for further chapters. Though I hope to keep the tone of the original O/S intact, there will also be a plot to this short fic and I am really excited about it."

So please, GO READ! Not only is it wonderfully written and different than anything I've read to date, ALL proceeds from the auction go to fight a very deserving cause. I'd love to know what you think, and don't forget to let the Author know, too! And yes, it's got bite.


MrsBing03 said...

I think I know what I am doing tonight...

Anonymous said...

Wow. I didn't know this was here until NaughtySparkle sent me an @ on Twitter to tell me...and of course I rushed over to read.

I am utterly speechless. First of all, I'm just thrilled that you enjoy it. And second, thank you for the compliments on my writing and the story itself. I'm always amazed when someone recs my stuff, so to come here and read such a well-thought out review praising my work...well, I can't thank you enough.

This Darkward is more fun to write than I can possibly express. My dark and poetic side gets to come out to play, so again I am truly grateful to the ladies who bid for extra chapters for giving me an excuse to spend more time with him.

Thanks again,

17foreverlisa said...

I was doing research for my Shout Out Sunday post and am SO glad that I didn't miss this one. I just finished the first chapter, and it is everything you promised and more. I will definitely link back to your site. Thanks for the rec!

@echoestwilight: I will leave a review on, but I want to "echo" it here as well. This is simply stunning. The way you've taken your story and weaved it through the original Twilight story is seamless. You have mad storytelling skills and have been added to my Favorites.

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