Friday, January 8, 2010

The One Where I Keep My Mouth Shut Until February 11th

Bravo! to Taylor Lautner for his People's Choice win this week. I really do think that it was deserved and that he did a fine job in the film. An even louder applause, please, for his choice in attire. I know these guys have stylists and probs half of the style that they end up fronting. But the bottom line is that he wouldn't have worn this if he thought it was shit. He has some say in what he wears to these events. And by nodding a yes to this suit, I'm gonna give him a little credit. The fit is wonderful, the sheen (I hate that word, fyi, but I reserve "sparkle" for Edward and references to TheVamp) is not too much, the shoes are finally working, and the tie is my fave piece of the ensemble. Oh, the tie. I really like a good tie. This is a good tie. And I like that this one is black, as it brings a sharpness to the grey + sheen (seriously, I hate that word) combo. I also love that it's a thinner tie. It's perfect. All of it. Congrats to Taylor!

Taylor Lautner on January 6th at the People's Choice Awards. A mighty fine choice in attire, agreed?


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