Friday, February 5, 2010

The One Where There is Corn. On. The. Cob. 'Nuff Said.

While I hate finding bills in my mailbox as much as the next person, I did encounter a very interesting bill upon retrieving my mail a couple of days ago. Wait for it, wait for it... a bill from Teen Vogue. WTF, mate? Serious. Fucking. Confusion. I called them immediately to explain to the woman that "I am 30 years old. I do NOT want a subscription to Teen Vogue. Is this even real? How did I get a bill for a subscription?" She explained that if I have ever entered into a sweepstakes with Teen Vogue, I would have automatically been signed up to receive their magazines. Ah, yes. There was that one time that I entered into a few different sweepstakes in hopes of winning a trip to the New Moon premiere, and maybe there was one set up by Teen Vogue, and maybe I do remember finding an issue of Teen Vogue in my mailbox around premiere time... (Sidenote to Volvo: Let's chill the fuck out with the weekly emails, shall we? I am not in the market for a new vehicle. I was, however, in the market for seeing Rob + Jackson + The Stew's style live and in person.)

My first and last issue of Teen Vogue. Not interested, but thanks.

So I realized that I sounded comptely contradictory to this woman as I explained that I was too old for a Teen Vogue subscription, yet not too old to enter into a New Moon sweepstakes. She politely tried to offer me a subscription to Glamour instead, but I declined due to the confidence that I would NOT be seeing a Glamour cover as delicious as this one any time soon:

I do not have a subscription to Vanity Fair, but I was all kinds of interested in this particular issue.
There is a special place in my heart for the outtakes from this shoot.

And for no other reason than to leave you hot for the weekend, I'll throw my fave photos from this very issue out there. Yes, they are a staple. Yes, I know that they are already on your desktop (or in your cell phone, or printed out and hidden in your drawer 'o goodies, or emblazoned in perfect detail in the Robporn section of your brain). But, no, you can never see enough from this photo shoot. Thank you, Jesus, for corn-on-the-cob.

The hair. The jacket. The BITING. I almost fell over when this photo hit the internet.
It was a good day for MrsBing.

I can't bring myself to form the words for a proper caption.
I will just say that this photo is one of my favorite photos EVER. *shivers*

Magic. Fucking. Fingers. I like these magic fucking fingers. A lot.


VitaminR said...

Porn on the Rob for the Win! Delicious!

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