Monday, February 1, 2010

The One With Rob and Those Damn Smiles

Let me preface where I am going with this by informing you that MrBing and I are not movie snobs. We will gladly watch award-nominated films right along with stupid-funny, mindless ones. I prefer original and thoughtful films over the formulaic flicks, but there's no judging here. Equal representation all around. Having said that, we throw in Win a Date With Tad Hamilton on occasion. It usually gets chosen when we have work to get done and chores to do, but want some background goodness. Topher Grace is adorable, Josh Duhamel's absticles provoke thoughts on literally licking the television screen, and there are a few really cute, somewhat memorable lines in there. At one point, Topher grace's character, Pete, tells Tad that their mutual love interest has "six smiles. One when something really makes her laugh. One when she's making plans. One when she is laughing out of politeness. One when she is uncomfortable. One when she is making fun of herself. And one when she's talking about her friends." Later on, she tells Pete that he has "five smiles. One when you think someone's an idiot. One when you think someone's REALLY an idiot. One when you're singing to Barry White. One when you're getting all dressed up. And one when you're looking at me." I know, I know. All kinds of cheese. But I was browsing through folders and folders of Robporn this weekend, and couldn't help but notice that Rob has very distinctly different smiles. As do all, no doubt. But I don't rummage through nor lust over photos of all of you. Rob. Rob gets the lusting and the notice. You know you do it, too. And I think I am a fan of every one of his smiles, albeit partial to smile #6. But you already knew that.

So we know he has more than six gorgeous smiles. Many more. And all equally fucking delicious. These six are merely my fave.

Oh, the open-mouth smile. This dude has perfected the open-mouth smile and that is fine by me. He's got great teeth, and he usually throws a nervous licking-of-the-lips in there. Yes. I like this smile quite a lot.

This is Rob's "Haven't you taken enough shots yet?" smile. He's fairly patient and cooperative out there on the red carpet. And nearly every shot taken turns out pretty (really, really pretty). So after thousands of flashes, he often gives the photogs this sweet, parting smile.

As you well know, Rob has a smile reserved just for his friends. I'd like to get that smile someday, *sigh*... He has such a good time with his friends, he really lets go and relaxes. This smile looks like relief and happiness and Heineken all rolled into one.

Holy shit. When Rob tugs on that fuckingmostbeautifulhairever WHILE he smiles, it's just too much. Add the slight scruff that he's sporting here and purchase stock in shamwanties because you know you need them right now...

Rob, bless him, has many more fans than he's comfortable with. But even when he's out of his comfort zone and out in public when he'd really rather not be, this guy still shows his appreciation. In the form of this smirk. This is one clearly given to the throes of fans that show up everywhere he goes. He was feeling super-kind on this particular day, as I see a little chest hair creeping out. *growl*

This is the most beautiful smile that I have ever seen from him. The smile he has for Kristen is genuine and unbridled and it's the happiest one that he's got. We've seen it on multiple occasions and it makes my heart all skippy and shit each time. It's the best ever. Period. ded.


Latchkey Wife said...

Um, I love the smirk. I'm a huge slutty fan of the smirk. The smirk would make me do unspeakable things to that man. (Who am I kidding, I'd do unspeakables to him even without the smirk...)

D Pattinson said...

I have to say that my favorite is the one with his hands in his hair. He looks shy, embarrassed and oh so heavenly sexy. It makes smile just thinking about it. It's this smile that would probably bring me to my knees in person

17foreverlisa said...

Awesome post and so true. Rob has so many looks/faces/smiles, and they are all beautiful and make me melt, but I think I just fell in love with you for saying that the smile he has for Kristen is the most beautiful one of all. I could not agree more with your choice and the words you use to describe your reason why. I have done many a post on my blog about Robsten, and they are always met with mixed emotions. It's a very heated debated, but I'm okay with that. I respect people's opinions. I wish I could explain why it makes me so happy to think they that are together that way, but I can't. It just does.


VitaminR said...

He had me at each of his many smiles. Fuck me he is beautiful. If KStew can make him smile like that then more power to her. He certainly makes her smile a lot more....I think I would have permanent TMJ issues if he was mine...because my jaw would be aching from my perma-smile....or from other unspeakable deeds. Hell I am smiling right now!

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