Thursday, January 28, 2010

The One With The One-Shot Wednesday on Thursday

Every once in a while, a story comes along that you just ADORE. You are delighted while you read it, and you cannot wait to hit "REVIEW" when you're done and fangirl a bit to the author. This is saying a lot for me b/c I am notoriously bad (read: not prompt) about leaving my reviews for authors. But last fall I found a one-shot that had been written for a contest. This fic was different, completely outside of anything I'd read. And I immediately decided that I would love anything this author wrote.

So fast-forward to a couple of weeks ago when I found another one-shot by this same author. Everything I've read by her is not only VERY well-written, it's surprising, sexy, and often has a very delicious twist to it. This latest story is no exception. I'm talking about Pegged, by Subtlepen.

I'm not going to say too much because I don't want to give anything away. I will say this: if you're not familiar with the term "pegged" do NOT look it up. Read the one-shot first, THEN look it up. I had an idea what this would be about judging by the title, but oh how I was surprised - in the most sexy way. In short, Edward lives out a fantasy starting with a visit to a local nightclub. A gay nightclub. Just trust me, if for some reason you have any hesitation about reading slash fics or are a stickler for certain character pairings, suspend those thoughts and just READ!!

Somehow in reading Subtlepen's stories, I've gotten to know her a bit. I shamelessly fangirled her on Twitter and am SO very very glad I did. Her stories are nuanced, creative, and while Pegged is fun, her other stories are full of emotion and are achingly moving (I'll be rec'ing the story I mentioned at the beginning of this post at a later date). In addition to the talent she wields with her story-telling, she's one hilarious bitch. And you cannot imagine how surprised I was to learn she lives a few hours from me, so there is the potential to actually fangirl her in person. The best thing? I've already read her stuff, so it saves her from having to tell me that she writes some of the sexiest boy on boy action in the Twi-verse.

So if you're looking for just a little something to read, maybe a fun tale before bedtime... please go visit Pegged. And since Subtlepen is such a giver, be sure YOU reciprocate and leave her some love down below by reviewing!


Subtle Pen said...

**blush** luvs you, bb. hard. and soft. and then hard again.

17foreverlisa said...

Being a relative newbie to the world of ff, I stumbled on to Subtle Pen, read and loved Pegged, and even wrote a Review, which I am also bad at doing. Part of it is feeling guilty for delving into the world of ff in the first place. At 47, it's a world I never even knew existed and one I never thought I would become addicted to. I just went back to see what I had written and then remembered that I even got an email reply back because of my Review. I've read Cullenlingus: A Mind Over Matter Outtake, and Reach Out and Take Me already, too.

@Subtle Pen - I love your work! There just aren't enough hours in the day for RL, blogging, and ff reading. But Anntastic's post reminded me how much I enjoyed your stories, so I will definitely be heading back for more and promise to leave Reviews when I do :)

Hope you two do get to meet btw!


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