Monday, January 25, 2010

The One Where the Style Has Been Broughten

It is no secret that Anntastic and I are in serious love with our girl, Kristen. We love Stew and her sweet-ass style (as well as her sweet ass, of course). So you can imagine how happy we are that she has not only stepped out at Sundance but she has also broughten her famous style. We likey. I showed MrBing a few of her Sundance photos and he rearranged his Freebie 5, inching her a little farther up the list. She's just so damn beautiful. Her skin is flawless. Her eyes are uncalled-for gorgeous. And she doesn't give those smiles away, but when she does smile it's like fucking sunshine. When she smiles, it's genuine and you just know that she means it. Flawless. And I'd like to personally thank her someday for the the props that she gives to those Chucks. I've been wearing the same pair that I've had since my Sophomore year in high school and they are damn comfortable. No other brand quite compares. I was made fun of by nearly everyone in my class from the 8th grade until college because I chose to wear Chucks ninety-five percent of the time. Everyone thought that I was freakish because I opted out of the bright-white Keds and the thick-soled Doc Martens. Come college time, no one gave a fuck about my choice in footwear, thank you. And I met MrBing, who loved them so (true love, people). Again, I digress. Bottom line: Stew loves the beloved Converse that I have stuck by for the last 20 years, and I love her so much more for that. She kicks ass in all ways.

Oh, Kristen. We love you so very much. Here is our Stew, rocking a pair of Denim of Virtue
jeans and her Juicy Couture hooded coat. And the smile.
Just another day at Sundance, showing 'em how it's done.

Converse mixes it up with the coolest fabrics and colors, but these... T
hese are reallyfuckingcool. Kristen wore these denim and plaid Chucks
at Sundance. These definitely fall under the shoeporn category. Hardcore.

The Chucks that Anntastic, MrBing, and myself wore to a
New Moon showing. If Anntastic's man could have attended,
he would have shown Cons love, as well.

And please let us know if you are aware of anyone else who can wear these black legging jeans that she is clearly rocking. Never mind that. We don't really want to know, that would just be But we do want her to turn around and give us the 360 view. Heh. Those pants are ah-mazing and she wears them as only Kristen can. And I'm going to bet that she sleeps in this hoodie. What say you? It's comfy, well worn-in, and adorned with Nuns with Guns. What's not to love about it? And it probs smells a tiny bit like Rob. At least, in my imagination it does. Oh, it totally does...

It's a tricky fucking balance to look smoking hot yet comfortable at the same time.
Kristen wore her staple EC Star hoodie with really fantastic J Brand legging
jeans (in black, of course). Adidas and a smirk, to boot. *sigh*

I'd like to close by mentioning the fashion bonus that Anna wore to the SAG Awards on Sunday. If you know me at all, you can attest that I am a whore for awards season. I love the red carpet arrivals a tiny bit more than I love the actual awards shows. And it goes without saying that I love the shoes. Obviously. Anna's strapless gown was perfection on her, once again. DUDE, does she ever mess up with this? No. The answer is no. Similar to Christian's choice for the Globes party, this really could have looked good on a number of people. It wasn't the most jaw-dropping nor unique gown to show at the event. But this color is gorgeous with her skin tone and eye color, and the shape is really flattering (she's so super teeny). Her hair? Necessary. And while her shoes were not the most fab she's ever worn, the platform is pretty fucking *unf* and she upped the heel to five inches once again! The platforms these days... C.O.P.
Anna wore a magenta Alberta Ferretti gown made of chiffon
(from the Spring 2010 line). Sign me up for one of these, please.

Okay, they're a little vanilla. But they're FIVE-inch heels. And they've got a teeny little peep-toe. And the platform is mega. Anna wore these Sergio Rossi leather pumps (from the Cruise 2010 line) with her gown. Yumm-o.


Anntastic23 said...

I adore your fashion posts. And I adore you. And I really really really covet those shoes. You know it's a fucking SHAME we no longer live in the same city b/c ANY awards night would require a overnight so that we could start at 4 PM with the RC and critique/follow Lainey all the way thru the end of the show. I miss you.

Anyway, lovely post my dear. I think it's so interesting, too, that La Stew might rock the grunge look, but SOMEONE has to show up ahead of time to do that eyemakeup. It's insane how perfect it is. You know I'm a fan of heavy eyes or heavy lips.... And for a gal that supposedly "doesn't care" she fronts with VERY precise makeup every time. I loves her!


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