Monday, March 1, 2010

The One With All the Christmas Crap

True to form, this post is late. REALLY LATE! The holidays have come & gone, trees have been put away, President's Day Sales have been shopped, and those Valentine's candies are probably long gone.... and now it's MARCH. With the Little Anntastic's back at preschool after various & sundry winter illnesses, I had a moment to myself the other day and realized HOLY SHIT! Santa brought momma some GOOD loot. TWILIGHT LOOT. So who wants to see my goodies? (you pervs....)

A few days before Christmas my Hubs came home with a bag full of gifts. From one of his team members at work. A lovely young lady who has been to the house, met the kiddos, etc. So of course I feel like utter SHIT when Hubs walks in with this bag of gifts - one or two prezzies for each of us - and I forgot to even make him Christmas Cards to give to his employees (I own a stationery studio, hence me making hubs cards). Let alone the fact that I didn't do gift cards or even bake something for him to give to his team. So we each open our gifts, and this first one...omg, it BLEW me away!

The box was bronze....just like his hair (cue dreamy school-girl sigh)

It's La Push, baby.... right in the palm of my own hand!

And I have NO IDEA what Hubs has told people at work, I have wracked my brain to see if I flew my Twilight Freak Flag the day Kind Employee was over, but ladies... she KNEW. She KNEW about my deep & abiding obsession with all things Twilight, because LOOK AT WHAT SHE GAVE ME. LOOK! She fucking special ordered a Sand Dollar from First Beach in La Push. Now, who knows if it's really the real deal, as I've heard from several people that have been there that it's illegal to take sanddollars from there.... But who cares?!?!! I have a sand dollar from Twilight! And it's even gifted to Bella from Edward! How utterly cool.

The second gift from her was a "together" gift to the Hubs & me. The Twilight Scene It game. I know, right? Super thoughtful. I should mention two terribly embarrassing (or not, really, depending on your perspective) about this gift: A) why would anyone want to play me in this game? I WILL WIN EVERY ROUND. Do they not know the # of times I saw Twilight in the theaters? Or on the DVD? Or ThatBootlegCopyThatTidedMeOverFromNovemberTilMarch? And B) My hubs would actually be able to play this game b/c he's read Twilight AND seen the movie THAT many times. The couple that Twilights together stays together.

Who wants to play me? Anyone? Anyone?
Yep, that's right. Cause I'll win EVERY TIME!

Next up was a gift from one of my Best Girlfriends here in town. She and I have kiddos the same age (you might recall a previous post about her daughter, who features heavily in my son's playtime & schooltime make-believe games, namely "We're the good Vampires but we protect Princesses instead of Bella.") Anyway, we like to go for Girls Nights & grab a glass of wine here & there. It was only appropriate that she treated me to a lovely bottle of Vampire Wine. She was the one that saw Twilight with me at midnight the night it premiered. We sat at the bar next door to the theater beforehand & downed (I believe) a bottle & a half of red wine before we wandered next door to mingle with the teens. Because we're not loser Twihards like them, right?

Not sure the vintage...maybe 1918?

This last gift, omg... The whole situation just makes me realize how far-reaching my Robsession is. My family and I frequent a local Mexican restaurant about once a week. We know the whole staff by name & our son does too (particularly the bartenders...go figure). One evening last summer (I think?) we were placing our order & I noticed our server, we'll call her M, had the inside of her order pad COVERED in Rob pics. I looked at my hubs, and he just knew.... He knew b/c he saw them too. And he looked back at me like "oh boy. Here we go...." And go I did! "Um, so, do you like, uh... Robert Pattinson?" And thus began my relationship with M, who is lovely & funny, & who I introduced to Fanfiction. No lie, I would write down fic names on a cocktail napkin for her to add to her reading list, until finally we exchanged emails & now there's that. So M, if you're reading, HI!!!!!! I love the video!!

I'll take my Robsession To Go, please.

Right before Christmas we were in to eat, and I had a little box of those nasty sweetheart candies for M (we all know we're really just after the picture of Edward anyway). And she came across the room grinning with the above package for me. We giggled like school girls and my hubs just laughed & shook his head. My son just about flipped b/c OMG MOMMY A NEW DVD!!!!!!! With EDWARD!!!!! My parents were with us, and I think it totally embarrassed them. They know of my "interest" in Twilight, but I think this knocked the ball out of the park in terms of how "invested" I am in this whole deal. (NOTE: They know nothing of this blog, nor do some of my more, um, conservative friends. They'd die from the use of FUCK and Pantysplosion alone....not to mention the nude couple in the blog header!)

Needless to say, it was a good Christmas for this Twihard. Except THIS was not under my tree. Apparently my husband, Rob's management, and KStew have their limits. Spoil-sports!

Oh I see you, Rob! Wearing your Santa Pants!

Tomorrow I turn 35. I'm having a hard time with it, but the Roberty goodness that abounds this week (Remember Me press & talk show tour!) is making it easier to deal. I've asked for Rob for my birthday, but I'm pretty sure I'll be happy with not having to empty the dishwasher or do any laundry. I've already received a few Twi-related bday gifts, which of course will be another post!


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