Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The One Where We Had Shoegasms Aplenty This Week

Oh, how I waited for Sunday's style. Oh, how I was unprepared for what Kristen showed up in.

I have been telling my daughter for awhile now that, "good choices yield good consequences, while bad choices yield bad consequences." This obviously applies to fashion, as well. And I'm fairly certain that someone passed that tidbit along to Stew, probs post-BAFTAs. A poorly sized/fitted dress = a stance that is not charmingly awkward, but slouchy/uncomfy awkward (baaaad consequence). I'm thinking that she could tell the fit was off because she looked a little uncomfortable in it. She certainly turned that shit around, didn't she? Kristen redeemed herself in every way possible on Monday at the ELLE Style Awards and again on Tuesday at London Fashion Week. Let's get started.

Yes. Please. Everything was improved upon when she arrived at the Style Awards. Just start at the top and work your way down, okay? It's all an improvement after Sunday's fuck-up. Kristen has created quite the image for herself and she knows it. She is solidly worthy of the 2010 ELLE Style Woman of the Year Award that she snagged that day. And I'm so very glad that she chose this combo for the occasion. A fucking strapless wool pocket dress (Emilio Pucci Fall 2009 RTW, thankyouverymuch) that spoke volumes for her badass style + shoeporn by Bally + a leather jacket that completed her look so perfectly (my fave piece, no question). She's so deserving of this award, it's sick.

The 1020 By Nicole jacket gave her the edge that we expect to see.
But the dress alone? Geometry, fit, pocket, and cut saved the day.
This is an amazing dress and looks comfortable, to boot.
Her styling on Monday was nothing short of perfection.

Can we get three cheers for shoeporn? Yeah, thanks. Kristen's choice for Monday's event was none other than the Bally Amantea Criss-Cross Ankle Strap Sandal. These were featured in the ELLE UK Spring/Summer 2010 Accessories Report, that's how effing cool they are. And good on Kristen for wearing them to the ELLE Style Awards. Coincidence? Doesn't really matter, as they are almost five fuckhawt inches of beautiful heel. LOVE.

Just in case you needed a closer look... Yum.

Okay, here's where my Tuesday happiness hit the sunshine+unicorns level. I saw the first photo of Stew arriving for the Burberry Prorsum show and BAM! instant Stewgasm. Seriously. This whole line is just so beautiful and fresh and so well put-together. It is fluid and seamless and the fabrics/colors are brilliant. I first fell in love with this collection when Emma Watson's photoshoot pics hit the web. The coats made me a little wobbly, I loved them so much. I melted over the bags. Like, I am literally turned on when I catch glimpses of this collection. Having said that, you can imagine my reaction when KStew wore a couple of the pieces that I was so heavily in love with, namely the Bondage Strap V-Neck Blouse + Double-Knot Reef Skirt. Check it out:

Speechless. Burberry Prorsum consistently rocks my world.
Dress a girlcrush alternate in their breathtaking designs and I'm done. ded.

This coat (+bag) floored me. It is one of the most beautiful coats that I've seen in a very long time.
The talent behind it is mesmerizing, it's an actual piece of art. Gah!

It was apparently a Bally week for Ms. Stewart, as she finished up her London Fashion Week look with another pair of theirs. These are the Stann platform pumps that she also wore to The Yellow Handkerchief premiere. Which proves, yet again, how easy and low-maintenence she is. I've mentioned before how much I love her, right?

There she goes again with the flawless makeup and best-ever eyes.
Blurg! And a little more shoeporn for your weekend...


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