Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The One Where We Say It. Out Loud.

Since I have become more involved with this fandom (and all of its awesomeness), I have noticed a shitton of drama woven around and throughout us all. And I wonder why we do this to each other. Aren't we all just. fucking. tired. from our daily routines, kids, jobs, houses, yards, etc? Do we need to add to our own exhaustion and annoyances by creating drama? I have been naive enough to believe that the drama would thin out as we become older and wiser. Pish. Could I be more wrong?

This fandom is filled with genuine, bright, and giving women. Think about how much time and effort is put into The Fandom Gives Back, into each fic and each review, into organizing auctions and complilations, and into giving, giving, giving. How many of you have made real (and sincere and wonderful and non-judgy) friends just by joining fansites, Twitter, or Facebook? The Twilight books and movies get ragged on for many reasons: from the ridiculousness of vampire- and werewolf-highschoolers to the sub-par writing. From the fact that it is so mainstream (going mainstream makes things uncool, didn't you know?) to the mass hysteria that the whole series conjures up each time the cast appears on a talk show or a red carpet. And don't even get us started on the drama surrounding Kristen, Rob, Robsten, Nonsten...whatever.

But listen up, because this is me stepping up onto my high and mighty horse: American Idol squees are no more acceptable than Twilight squees, Harry Potter squees are no cooler than Twilight squees, and raising money for charities through other groups is NO more worthwhile and meangingful than raising money for charities through a Twilight-based group. Fucking factual. If you enjoy something and regain a tiny smidge of sanity each day thanks to it, then it doesn't matter what it is. Oh, and donating is donating. Period.

Donating is donating... unless of course, you're donating to this.

Shame on the drama-mongers who are seemingly unable to remove themselves from their high and mighty horses long enough to chill the fuck out. Not one of us is any better than another. And that is a true fucking statement. It does not matter what your degree is in, how many years you attended school, who your friends are, what your job is, nor how many years of life experience you have. It truly doesn't. We, as women, should be supportive of one another, regardless of our differences. Stop ragging on one another and show some support. Be friendly and genuine. I'm tired and I don't see the tired letting up. Drama worsens the tired, so PLEASE let's be done with it.

When I was in the fifth grade, my very best friend in the world was named Allison. We each had halves of the token "Best Friends Forever" necklace, of course. One day, I brought a blue raspberry BlowPop to another girl on the bus (because it was her favorite flavor and I wasn't a fan), and out came the drama. Over a BlowPop. You see, Allison came to my house that afternoon to let me know that we weren't best friends anymore because I gave it to Jane instead of her. I said "okay" and closed the door. We removed our BFF charms. Over a BlowPop. In a nutshell, if you bring drama into my life, please to be removing yourself from it.

This. Only we don't reserve this for just the men in our lives, we do this to each other, as well.

Does this make anyone else tired? I'm le tired.

Because this is what it's really about, right?


Anonymous said...

Hear hear!!

So much drama in this fandom is a turn off - literally, if I log onto twitter or blogger and see all that going on I just turn it back off.

I'm so happy your blog is trying to be a drama free zone and we can all go back to being cheerful little fangirls :)

Anntastic23 said...

Thank you Leigh! We generally steer clear of drama, and pretty much NEVER get involved (first of all, the people involved really don't even know who MrsBing & I are!) But we see it all the time and it really makes us sad.

So yeah, we'd just had a bit of the old "enough!" lately. So we cleared our little Twifecta chests. We'll all just stay in the Twilight "bubble" :) wink wink:)


nelln said...

I don't know how many times someone will have to write about the drama in the fandom. I wrote a little rant myself and got derision from a few people.

Thank you for this too. I hope everyone takes time to really let it sink in.


Twi Sherry said...

Amen sister!!!

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