Thursday, April 29, 2010

The One Where We're Mobile...With Jazz Hands and other stuff.

First of all, can I just say how damn excited I am that I can use THIS craptastically fugly manip I made back for KStew's Birthday Post again? When I heard that Bill Condon was confirmed to direct Breaking Dawn yesterday, my first thought was "Sweet! The Breaking Dawn VonCullen Jazz Hands Manip!" Yeah, it was closely followed by a ton of other thoughts ("give it a chance, it will be good... it could be good... please don't mess up her wedding dress, please let Rob bite some pillows, please DEAR LORD surprise us all & make Renesmee tolerable, and for the love of all that's Hobo, PLEASE don't wait til 2013!") Mostly though? We're just excited. Come on, your best, we'll be here regardless (unless it's 2013 and I'm in the nursing home already...)

I cannot WAIT to see if they do a BPA-free sippy cup for Renesmee!

So now it's time for a little Twi-fecta house-keeping. We're now mobile (and yes, I like to say it all British-like in my head) thanks to Twicupcake and her FANTASTIC instructions over on her site - Twi-mobile. Now you can enjoy us anytime you'd like (come on, I KNOW yall bring your phones with you to the loo!) Check out the linky, right over there in the sidebar -------->>>

::waves HI to Twicupcake!:: THANK YOU for your fab instructions!

If you have an iPhone, we have a little "app"-like button for you to save to your "home page" and it'll link you to our mobile site anytime you'd like. It works for Blackberries too. It's a LOT faster & less complicated than trying to view us through your mobile web. Even if you don't have an iPhone, the mobile site is still the very best way to view Twifecta and not have to deal with all the sidebar action or wait on the loading process. It gives you our posts in a neat little list & you can click to read whichever one you'd like!

And for anyone interested in going mobile, PLEASE pop over & visit Twicupcake on her blog. She has fantastic information on making your site mobile, finding other Twi-blogs that are mobile, and DETAILED instructions on how to do both (it's easy. Trust.) Plus, she's got a ton of Rob/Kristen wallpapers for your phone (for tons of models, no less!) as well as instructions on how to (wait for it) get & read fanfiction on your phone. Go over & say hi...she's a wealth of knowledge!

Now that's out of the way, let's get down to business because you know we all just want to see The Pretties. We all know they're back in Vancity, shooting more of THIS:

Didn't you drop Jake off at Doggy Daycare this morning?

I was thrilled to see a happy happy Kristen in her ride from the VC airport the other day. I think Lainey nailed it - the girl knows the game, she just likes her version played with a long lens and no glare. Don't blame her. And then there's the Sparkly One who brought along the Old Standbyes: The BBJ, The Guitar, The Adidas, The LB hat, The Hoodie, and of course, Dean :) We're big fans of Dean & ASB over here :)

Oh Rob, we could write STORIES about that jacket! Where it's been, why we've
not seen it for a year, why you brought it out now. On second thought,
I think the BBJ should write the story.

And finally, Kellan joined Twitter. I cannot tell you how happy this makes me because I KNOW this will provide the blogosphere with endless fodder. Kellan, you're cute, you're fun, but dude... I am waiting with bated breath to find out what "indiginous charities" are.

I sincerely hope you can knock those Bieber & Cyrus twats off the the Trending Topic list.
Another go in the Calvins would almost guarantee that.


Kitty Elvis said...

I don't really have an opinion on Condon, but I'm with you - they need to get this show on the road! I'm really curious to see how in the hell BD will translate to film. And I'm partial to the hideous BBL.

twilightcupcake said...

Thank you for shout out love. I am super happy you got your mobile site up and your iphone icon is beautiful. Yes, I think many of us bring our phone to the loo and thus Twi-Mobile brings Twitardia into the loo with you :)
In Vancouver, no new Rob sightings today. Anxiously awaiting...

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