Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The One Where You're Kidding Me, Right?

Right? First of all, THE HAIR. Yes, Rob cut it for his next role. Yes, there's less for tugging. But guess what? You're only tugging away (heh.) in that imagination of yours anyway, right? So close your eyes, magic that hair right back into place (if it pleases you), and let your imagination go. For those of us loving the new cut, squee away. I am lucky to have such an outstanding friend as Anntastic for many, many reasons. But I must say, it is lovely to partner up with someone who feels the same way about The Hair as I do. During BelAmi filming? Bad. During Remember Me? Dirty. (But good. Dirty is gooood where Rob is concerned.) During The Great Shave of Dec2008? Great. We are both loving his new cut and will be waiting-- like the h00rs that we are-- for daily set pics.

Ah, nice and short on the sides and PLENTY up top for grabbing. Stew must be a happy gal.

A wise friend once said: "A shaved head against your thighs is HEAVEN."
Now will you please imagine the jaw scruff+shaved head combo on this man? That's what I thought.

Okay, for the haters out there: his shorter 'do is going to rock your fucking socks
as it grows and you KNOW it.
Just before it gets to the long and messy stage, it will be a most
heavenly length and it's going to be beautiful...

Again, you're kidding me, right? I have finally moved all Robporn (including but not limited to jawporn, hairporn, fingerporn, open-mouth porn, and plaidporn) and Rathboner material from my desktop to the photobucket account. And now this. Now I browse through and grab a brand new shitton of images while searching for just the right hairporn photos for this post. My folder is reaching maximum capacity yet again, and my computer's available memory is slowly approaching nil. Until I get these photos transferred over, I guess I will HAVE to waste my very valuable time staring at these:

Hairporn at its finest. My hands are all twitchy just looking at it.

I loooove his new cut but have ants in my pants for the day it hits this length again.

And just because I can't talk hairporn without posting this... This, my friends, is the most delicious fucking photo I have seen in a very long time. It will not escape the porn/hair folder, oh no.


rpblc30 said...

i luv twiedward where his hair is almost red and long...le sigh..

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