Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The One Where Kristen Brings It (Hard and Often)

After an especially mind blowing day of carpooling (heh), I just wanted to put my face into the cookie dough that had been sitting in my refrigerator all day. I waited until my kids were in bed (momma doesn't share cookie dough) to indulge. And then something happened. I had a sudden urge to cook the dough and eat real, baked cookies. Weird. So I throw the first batch into the oven, sit down, open Twitter, and... red carpet Stewporn was waiting. Ruh-roh.

Let's fast forward 15 minutes or so to the moment I realized that my cookies were black, solid, and not going to serve their very important purpose. I am blaming Kristen's legs. (And her hair, if we're being honest.) Her style at the Welcome to the Riley's screening was straight up srs bsns. And her Scream Awards appearance? Killed it (see fashion sidebar). I spent the entire cookie-burning time just clicking link after glorious link, checking Sunday's Scream Awards photos, yesterday morning's press junket photos, and the evening's WTTR screening photos. #Stewgasm I pulled them, compiled somewhere near eleventy billion emails, and sent them off to the traveling MrBing and our under-the-weather Anntastic. Somewhere out there, MrBing just locked himself in his room and Anntastic left the bathroom floor to view said pics on her desktop's more adequate screen. And I'm blaming Kristen's legs.

What did I tell you? This girl can cure all with an appearance. Now, she does it
for me in a hoodie and jeggings, but this here styling should convince the rest
of you. Her lacy Valentino dress was from the 2011 Resort Collection, but
her legs are causing the backup on the carpet. Somewhere in Baton Rouge, Rob is in agony.

Valentino and Atwood were clearly the perfect combination for Kristen's red carpet walk. Her smoky eyes and red lips complimented the dress+shoes styling, and her hair... ::cracks knuckles, tries desperately to form words from all of the awe floating around in my mind:: Her hair was pulled back, which gave her profile all of the attention. Deserved attention. But there was volume and it was the perfect amount. It wasn't party-with-Mango high, but it was high enough to be a point of focus (bravo! to Beau Nelson). Also? She kept her jewelry to a minimum with just two small rings, nothing gaudy, nothing to take away from The Steeze. In a word: sick.

She is flawless. I love her in a true love kind of way. That is all.

Dearest Mr. Atwood,
I would like to have babies with your Maniac platform pumps.
Or, at the very least, own a pair. The hidden 1.5-inch platform is gorg.
The 5.5-inch heel is making me weak.
Yours truly and forever,

Please note that Anntastic and I were not only anticipating Kristen's Regis & Kelly visit, but we have already hoarded the photos and entered covet-mode (Dior/Zanotti, of course). If I added this morning's heavenly fashion to this post, it would be a tad photo-heavy. You can expect more Stew love soon. Next up: Mantastic learns something new. You will flove it, trust.


TexasKatherine said...

The dress. The shoes. The legs. The freaking flawless skin. Multiple O's.

I want that dress & those shoes. I neeeeed them. I would wear them every day. I'd never ask for anything again (until Kristen's next red carpet event).

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