Saturday, December 5, 2009

The One That Was Supposed to be Posted on PFashion-elli Friday

Ladies, ladies. I offer my most sincere apologies that this was not posted sooner. I thought everyone could use a little Peter this weekend (hehe), so here you are!

We will obviously be tweaking our styles and methods as we go, considering the fact that we are newbies at this. So here's the latest on the fashion postings: I'll post them here so that I can expand a little more when needed (shoe porn will need more than a couple of lines), then move them on over to the sidebar when something new and fabulous surfaces. Sound good? This way, you also have the opportunity to add comments if you likey (or NOT) a look. And here goes for The Mr...

On December 2, The Mr. stopped by Sirius Radio. And the sighs followed. Surely I'm not the only one with a love for his caps. He wears them REALLY fantastically well. I love his T (ah, the message!) and his cap (frigging delicious) and the lovely wear in his jeans (Ladytown wants more!), but have a small problem with his scarf. *gasp!* I know many may disagree with me here, but it's just too girlie for him. It's, like, a pretty scarf. All tassled and shit at the ends. He'd look much better minus the scarf. Love me because you agree that he cannot possibly look any better in those jeans+cap, hate me because you think that scarf is not made for women, but have a happyfuckingweekend because I'm leaving you with a photo of The Mr.


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