Friday, December 11, 2009

The One Where Five Inches Does the Job Just Fine, Thanks

Oh. My. Anna. It seems Miss Kendrick likes to tease with le shoes. Shoe porn alert. She is fabulous in many ways and has some crazy talent to rub in our faces. So imagine how freaking thrilled I am that she knows how to dress. When the style display doesn’t match the talent, it’s a fucking bummer. (A la BDH on 12/10. NOT going into that here. Extreme devastation and I don’t want to ruin your weekend.) So, let’s stop and stare for a moment or two:

Miu Miu Round-Toe Lattice Pump, 5 inches

And now get your shit back together because you’re not friends with Rob nor George nor any member of the wolfpack and you don't own a pair of porn such as those. She knew that the Miu Miu’s were clutch, too. She wore them two days in a row. And don’t you dare gasp at that. Five inches of fuckability such as these deserve to be shown off. Here she is, showing us the love:

The lovely Anna arriving at Letterman on Monday, December 7. ROCKING these shoes.

Anna at the Golden Globes Young Hollywood Party on Tuesday, December 8.

I'd like to give my lowly opinion on her choice of dress for the Globes Party. I really, really love it when someone so awesome chooses a piece from the season that the rest of the world is currently living in. It makes that person seem a little more real, more accessible. Not that she's accessible. She's pals with Rob and George and the whole of the wolfpack. Not to mention, the dress I'm referring to was designed by Catherine Malandrino herself. Not accessible. But it is from the Malandrino Fall 2009 line. Much preferrable to the Spring 2010 pieces that some celebs are already wearing. I'm just sayin'.

So beautiful, both the lady and the shoes. It's love.


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