Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The One Where A GeekSquad Employee Learns of my Obsession

I took my laptop to the Geek Squad today for a little virus removal. This should have been a trip free of embarrassment, right? I’m sorry, it seems those are impossible. And the complete and total embarrassment had zero to do with my kids-in-tow. It should have been thanks to them, as I dragged them there at the worst possible time of day: post-lunchtime, pre-naptime. And I had not fed them lunch yet. And we were nowhere near home for their naptime. Good thinking. They were angels, nonetheless, and the embarrassing moment of the day was all on me. I hand over my computer and explain the problem. As the guy opens it up, the words “Let’s see what we’ve got here, MrsBing” leave his mouth. The words YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME! enter my mind. I am an adult. I am a mother. WHY do I have photos of Robert Pattinson saved to my desktop?! Why aren’t they in their own special folder, named something really uninteresting (like "Taxes")? Was it absolutely necessary for me to save them to my desktop, for all to see? The answers to these questions are simple:

He is insanely beautiful.

I do have a special folder full of pretty photos, named something completely inconspicuous . I just choose to keep a couple faves on the desktop.

And, yes, because even if I don’t open them up, the handsome little thumbnails are staring at me with gorgeous eyes and a maddening jawline every time I turn on my computer.

This is a staple on my desktop. Never. Moves.

In the end, the guy spent about 15 minutes working on my computer, desktop screen front-and-center the entire time. He said nothing about my very pretty desktop photos and managed to keep a straight face when speaking to me. As though I were normal. As though every responsible parent has Twi-crazy tendencies. While I was still a bit embarrassed, those photos remain permanent fixtures on my desktop. I am an adult. I am a mother. I have a small obsession with Robert Pattinson.


sprtzmom1721 said...

Love it! I'm so "out" there about Rob, though, that I don't think I could get embarrassed anymore. Of course, if I had been with my kids visiting the Geek Squad (ages 24 and 21), THEY would have been embarrassed ;)

17 Forever

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