Thursday, January 14, 2010

The One Where Anna Kendrick Goes For The Motherfucking Win. Again.

Please, please, please help me control the fucking giddy that I feel when I realize that this is only the beginning of awards season. The dresses are going to be a blasty-blast (to squee! over and to pick on) and the shoe porn awaits. But this. This is Anna Kendrick prepping us for the fashion that she is about to bestow upon all of us who are unable to purchase beauties from the Sergio Rossi 2010 collection. This is Anna Kendrick giving us an insight into the most beautiful fucking coat collection that we're gearing up to see really very soon. This is Anna Kendrick at the National Board of Review of Motion Pictures Awards Gala this past Tuesday. It was held in New York City, so she was, of course, freezing her teeny tiny ass off. But this dress is just so perfect for her, nonetheless. The tiered organza gives some shape to her tiny figure and it is my [lowly] opinion that the perfect pastel shading is nothing slight of perfection for her skin tone. And I can see from browsing the internet that many do not agree with my love for her tights, but come on. I think that they are a perfect compliment to this dress (I love that they tie in with the top tier's shade of gray) and I was relieved to see that she didn't go all matchy-matchy on us. Pearly pastel tights would ruin everything.

Anna chose a Paula Ka cocktail dress for the gala, held on January 12.

It is okay to want someone else's shoe collection, you know. I mean, there's no way I'd fit into a single pair of her shoes, as they are probs as tiny as she is. But I could wicked-stepsister my way into those shoes. Just for a minute, right? Just to get a feel for the shoes and then she can have them right back. I do love these shoes, really. The platform is *unf* but the heel... It's only 3.3 inches. Really, Anna? After the 5-inch Miu Miu's that I panted over, we know that she's capable of enduring total discomfort for a rad heel. She probs could have stepped it up a bit in that dept, no?

Anna's pastel and flowing dress was offset by these gorg Sergio Rossi Platinum Cage
platform sandals from the 2010 collection. Of course.

I love shoes in an almost unhealthy way, okay? But I think that when it comes to this girl, I'm going to start ogling coats with a little more enthusiasm. I have spent the majority of my life living in hot and humid states. We're talking sweltering. I don't do coats. They can be beautiful, the fabrics, cuts, shapes, details... But I'm not so interested. We don't do coats. Give dear Anna a few more reasons to flaunt her gorgeous coats around, however, and you'll see that I'm not above wearing a coat like this in the middle of summer.

ohmygosh. Please, Anna, please. Show us what you've got at your next public event.
We know you've got quite the collection in your closet. Bring them out to play!


Anntastic23 said...

MRSBING!!!!! I love reading your posts. YES, I am fangirling the shit out of you on our own blog. I don't really care.... it's ours!! Anyway, your writing amazes me. And I KNOW how you (and I) love the shoes. I could practically CRY every time I think how close you were to those Choos a few XM's ago. (and how many Hubs Points MrBing earned traipsing into Sak's & Gwynne's for you...)

Anyway, I would like to point out that I've noticed your coat fetish...I believe it's been growing since last March when you were here & wore that DARLING brown number that was way to thin for the climate I'm in :) AND, I noticed how you chose Anna's beautiful cream coat over there on that left sidebar. How did I never get your thoughts on that trench that the Stew wore to the NYC New Moon Premiere? It was BURBERRY. And that dress underneath... OMG. DED.

Anyway, I will wrap up my love note to you, coats, and Anna's shoes. xoxoxo!

NaughtySparkle said...

I am here to not only say that I might have moaned a little out loud at the sight of Anna's Shoe/Trench comb, but also because I can't comment on your sidebar. OMFG the Ashely pic is KILLING ME. She is FANTASTIC and beautiful!!! NGL she is getting into Mrs. Portman territory for me, well....I guess that really won't happen until she does something in the Garden State realm. But looks-wise she is damn near close.

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