Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The One Where We're Serious, Unfortunately

As you all know, we're usually about fun & frivolity over here at Twifecta. Today's post was intended to be all about the fun Twi-crap I received from Santa. But as I sit here, in a little cafe 1 mile from home, where my daughter is napping under the care of our wonderful sitter... and just down the street from my son's little preschool, I am eating my sandwich & taking advantage of the free Wi-fi. And afterwards I'll walk over to the market where I'll do some grocery shopping & fill our refrigerator with food... I feel a lot sick to my stomach. I don't want to seem as if I'm jumping on the bandwagon, but I just cannot seem to stop thinking about Haiti.

I realize that there are horrors a-plenty on our own shores, and here in my own city there are homeless people that I pass every day... Men & women (& one who has a dog...which BREAKS my sappy heart even more) that I've been worried about for a month now as my town has been pounded with snow, ice, and temps around 11 degrees. But what is going on in Haiti is critical, heartbreaking, and simply devastating. I'd like to use this post to direct any of our readers who wish to donate or learn how they can help over to one of my FAVORITE Rob sites:

Thinking of Rob

The wonderful ladies over there - who normally bring us ALL sorts of goodies & news pertaining to The Pretty - have been tweeting their hearts out this morning to spread information about the situation in Haiti. They've compiled an extensive list of links *ALL of which have been verified* where you can donate or learn more about what is going on. Please visit them & help out in any way that you can.

The Twilight Fandom is a force to be reckoned with - see for example the insane amount they raised for Alex's Lemonade Stand with The Fandom Gives Back. I realize that times are tough for all of us, especially post-holiday. But if you're reading this...then you're at least fortunate enough to have internet access on a personal computer or some sort of crazy tricked out phone (myself included). So please consider any amount. And remember how fortunate enough we are to live in a country that DOES have the resources to help those in need.

Tomorrow we'll return to our regularly scheduled programming of Sparkly escapism...


jadedandboring said...

So proud of you for this, Ann. Thank you.

MrsBing03 said...

I am also proud, to have such a compassionate, thoughtful, and sincere bestie+partner. Thank you for writing this and raising even more awareness.

NaughtySparkle said...

I just warms my aching heart to see how you and so many others are coming together to try and make a difference in this tragic situation.
I <3 you both.

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