Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The One Where I Venture Outside Of My Vampire Obsession And Size Up The Wolfpack

So, Anntastic's fuckawesome post yesterday got me thinking. I never post anything wolfpack-related, you know? I mean, I know why that is, but it still doesn't justify their lack of appearance in my posts. So let's talk Wolfpack today, shall we?

Props to the three casting geniuses for their fine choice in abdominals. I mean, actors.

Let me start this off with: I am one of those freaky cat-person types. I currently have three, they get special treats on their birthdays and holidays, we have given them middle names (and use first+middle when they are BAD), and so on. You get the idea here. I do love some dogs (you know who you are!), but they're just not my bag, baby. So, aside from the fact that Rob and Jackson are real-life freebies (for many reasons and mostly unrelated to the Twi-series, actually), you can see how I side with the vampires. Their golden eyes, their quickness, their stealth abilities. They just appeal to a cat-person type more so than giant man-pups would. Naturally. Come to think of it, they sound nothing like my cats. All three of them are happily fat, supremely lazy, and gravitate toward sunny spots. Nothing like vamps. Sorry, I digress. Bottom line here, I am naturally inclined to love the vampires (and that may or may not be due to my love for kitties. heh.)

This just doesn't appeal to MrsBing. TK2, on the other hand...

But what is NOT to love about these werewolf hotties? There are more defined muscles in their stomachs than I have in my entire body. And I am fully aware that the vamps have pretty muscles. But they are hard (heh.) and cold. The wolves are muscular but they are soft and comfortable and warm (I am truly always fucking freezing, so this is very appealing to me) and tan and pretty, oh so pretty. And they have dark, smoldering eyes and great big man-hands and they carry extra shorts around just because they phase back into naked manly-men at random throughout the day. O.M.G. The more I think about it, the more I feel that I do not give these wolves enough credit. Maybe I so love my two vampire freebies that I look past some pretty delish werewolves. Bummer for sure, but they will still never [not ever] do it for the ladyplace like those damn vampires.

Holyfuck, have you ever in your life loved denim shorts on a man MORE
than you do on these wolves? Please don't answer unless it is a resounding "NO."

Added by Anntastic: Dear David Slade, I know Eclipse is already in the can, but can you please edit it to see morey Alex Meraz? He only had two lines in New Moon, but oh was the second one a goody. In Emily's cabin, he turns around to apologize to Bella with a sexy-smirky-flirty "Sorry." Best.Apology.Ever. More Alex-y Paul, please. Woof!


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