Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The One Where The Twi-cast Ruled at the Golden Globes

If you weren't watching the Globes on Sunday night, you're about to see how the Twi-cast flaunted their gorgeous. Only Anna Kendrick and Taylor Lautner were Globes attendees, but much of the rest of the cast showed [beautiful] face at the InStyle & Warner Bros. after party. I believe Kellan added the HBO party into his mix, as well. Nice, nice. And aside from Anna, it was black all around. Bleh. What's with the lack in color that night? It's understandable for the guys to show in basic black, but it would have done them a little good to show some color. And there's no excuse for the ladies. Black is classic, sure. Sexy, yes. But it's so predictable. And this cast is so young and shamwanties-hot, they should have mixed it up a bit.

Anna steered clear of black, in favor of a light and airy gown that has been both loved and shat upon by fashion-savvy. I'm voting for BEAUTIFUL. She looked beautiful and I loved this on her. I probs wouldn't wear it (if you want to know whose gown I would have stolen, you're gonna have to drop a comment, fuckers. Let us know what YOU think). But it was so, so pretteh on her, and she chose the perfect hair and makeup to compliment her gown. Okay, are we done with this yet? Can we move on to the SHOES? Yeah, these pretties call for fucking back-up shamwanties. Love, love, love them in a major (and slightly embarassing) way. Anna does not ever disappoint me. I won't say another thing. It's just time to look at them...

Anna wore a gown from the Marchesa 2010 RTW collection and
a most beautiful pair of Christian Louboutin Eugenie satin pumps. Oh my.

We'll talk Taylor next, but only because he presented at the Globes. Also because I want to get this shit out of the way. Because he had a choice. I'm telling you that he could have turned this shit down if he was as disgusted by the sheen-factor as much as we were. It was so shiny. That's it, just shiny. Ew. As Anntastic pointed out to me in our post-Globes convo, "it looks as though it's impervious to water." And that's all I can think about. When he was presenting, I just felt so bad for him, it was so damn SHINY under those lights. The bowtie was all kinds of whack, as well, seeing as I'm pretty sure that extra fucking shine was added to that, too. The tie-job was eh. and it was lopsided-ish at times. So sad. But he did a fab job presenting, so way to go, you.

Taylor Lautner wore Calvin Klein to the Golden Globes. And I'm guessing he thought that
super-shine bowtie was a nice compliment to his jawline, er, suit.

Now that we're done with the TLaut shine, I can talk about my favorite Twi-cast get-up of the evening. Keep in mind that I am totally aware of shitting on the "All black! Everyone let's wear black!" theme. But my fave dress from the cast members was this one. Hands down, there wasn't even a question, and it's thanks to Ashley Greene and her non-extensions. It looked comfortable and she didn't over-accessorize and her hair was up in my most favorite style and she teased me with shoes! I literally sighed out loud when I saw her shoes. Ashley was the best on Sunday night. I am serious when I say that I would consider moving back to Oklahoma if she would let me wear that dress+shoes orgasm-in-disguise for an evening. (That really speaks volumes as to how much I love her Globes fashion. If you know me, you know why.)

Ashley Greene chose this Atelier Versace mini and a fine pair of Casadei Triple Platform Pumps.
A triple platform, people. True love.

Kellan Lutz, Edi Gathegi, and The Mr. showed up at the after party looking pretty amazing. Thanks to the anti-shine committee for dressing these men in some really fine, sheen-free attire. I thought that Kellan looked pretty amazing that night. I loved that he wore a vest and I thought that his shoes were perfect. He did a bang-up (heh.) job choosing this mighty-handsome number. His hair was much better that night than it has been recently. Surely you noticed? Nice and handsome. As for the other Twi-men in attendance, The Mr. looked freaking cute. Maybe delicious would be the more appropriate word... Whatever adjective you choose to describe The Mr. + suit, I think we are all breathing a sigh of relief that the lady-scarves were left at home. And I don't see much of Edi, as he's not papped and plastered across the internet as much as the others, but my-oh-my he was looking sharp on Sunday night! Whew! His suit fit him so nicely and it was gray (omg, a suit that isn't black?!) and he just looked really great. These Twi-men, hmmm... I'm humming with happiness and my two luvahs didn't even show up. This is a nice group of men, ladies.

Handsome. Kellan Lutz in his handsome 3-piece suit. He's just really handsome.

Christian Serratos, The Mr., and Edi Gathegi at the InStyle & Warner Bros. after party. Delish!

It was also nice to see a couple of our ladies show up, albeit dressed all-in-black. Eh. They both looked beautiful and they stuck to their styles and what works best for each. (I'm telling you, if TLaut would have put the kabosh on that fucking shine, it would have been perfection.) I obvs had to take a closer look at Christian's shoes. Because that's what I do. And what I am about to reveal is factual information, so listen closely: Stella McCartney guarantees epic win. Always. Christian's dress could have looked just as great on almost any other Hollywood body, there was nothing too special about it and definitely nothing unique going on there. But she did a good thing by okay-ing those shoes. As for Bryce Dallas Howard, her style is really her own. Sometimes I don't get it and sometimes I think, "No. No. No." But she always chooses for herself and she therefore always looks confident and genuine (how refreshing!) and just plain happy. I do like this one, though. I look at this photo of her and note how beautiful she is and I cannot help but wonder what blush she is wearing... How do we find that out? I want it.

Christian Serratos wore these Stella McCartney gold trim platform pumps. Pretty. I want to touch.
And Bryce Dallas Howard seriously rocked this dress.


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