Friday, February 19, 2010

The One Where Kristen Raids My Shoe Closet

Don't I wish. But I'd love to raid hers. Like, right now. As you can tell, this little post is going to be a slew of fangirl-y comments toward our lovely Stew. If you're not cool with that, then you have my most sincere apologies. If you're still reading, then welcome! and please join us for a little oogling.

So, obvs her eye makeup is outstanding. Anntastic has made a fantastic point in that Kristen's eyes are never dull. Even when this chick is in a pair of nasty (yet still hot-- how does she do that?) jeans and an old tee (side-knotted a la 1986), her eye makeup is THERE. Her hair may be nice and unwashed, but her eyes are for all to see. And her eyes were certainly the focus last night. Stunning.

Sign me up for a few tips from the genius who works on Kristen's eyes.
Seriously. Those things are like her very own secret weapon.

Kristen scored even more points with me when she chose this dress. It is pretty cool, yes, but it is also from a 2009 ready-to-wear line. What?! A celebrity that did not choose a dress from a 2010 Fall/Winter collection? *gasp!* This is a rarity and I love it. Even though she is nowhere near accessible to any of us, choosing something that is attainable to the normal, non-famous folk (well, to some) really says something about her. She doesn't need to show us via clothing that she is SO much more awesome than we are. Because she doesn't care. And that kinda makes her even cooler in my books. Way to go, you.

The beautiful Stew wore this Azzaro Graffiti dress from the 2009 RTW Collection.
Basically, she's the coolest.

The best for last. Always. Shoes. When Anntastic sent me this photo last night, I purposely refrained from forwarding it to MrBing. He's coming down with the cold that the rest of the Bing family has, and he needed sleep. He wasn't going to get any after the legs and shoeporn in this here photo. Agree? Okay, so she obvs didn't raid my shoe closet. But if I had one and she could raid it, I think she would like what she saw. These would certainly be included.

Kristen was perfection, head-to-toe. Her black satin Bally platform pumps ("Stann")
clearly sealed the deal. I'll take a pair, thanks.

As for the movie, I'm definitely excited to see it. Of course I love the twi-cast, but I like seeing them show a little range. She has proven herself to be quite the talented actress, long before the Twilight saga. For the most part, she chooses roles that are challenging for her, that require actual thought and work, talent and effort. I expect nothing less than awesome from her in this role. Kristen rocks.


TexasKatherine said...

I always joke that Kristen & I could be twins, but yeah, not so much. We have the same hair & eye color, but that's where the similarities end. If I can't have her alleged boyfriend, would it KILL the Powers That Be to give me her shoe collection? Seriously. I have a complete shoegasm everytime she walks the red carpet. I don't even want to talk about her eye makeup as I've never been able to perfect the smoky eye. I always end up looking like a roughed up hooker after $2 beer night.

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