Monday, March 29, 2010

The One Where We're Baaa-aaaaack!

Bitches, we're back. And we brought Jackson. If I'm gonna bring it post-absence, I'm gonna bring it hard. Unfortunately, Bel-Ami costume pants don't qualify. Our most sincere apologies for being away from the blog for a while. You must know that I thought about the blog on a daily basis and intended on posting, but with the Twifecta reunion came much chatting, kiddie-corralling, catching up, and [best of all] hanging with NaughtySparkle. It was such a fabulous week, but we spent more time enjoying the talks and gorgeous weather than we did at the computer. Now let's get down to business.

First of all, I want to know who is going to watch Dread for me. I used to have an unhealthy love for thrillers, the more realistic the better. Something in me changed upon having kids. There's some fucked up relationship between cervix dilation and love of horror flicks. For me, at least. From what I have read about this film, I will so sadly have to miss out. The potential for amazinglyfuckingscary is solid, and every still-shot I have seen of Jackson a la Stephen Grace brings serious quiver. How can his natural hair
not do it for someone? So, I grabbed this photo a while ago and then saw it posted again this last weekend. Only this time, I noticed something aside from the HOT. Check out the similarities between the two:

Photobucket Photobucket

Bwahahahahaha! I don't even need to comment here. I'm just gonna let you look...

YES! I almost died! Maybe, just maybe... I think I can... Totally. If I just keep Hansel floating around in the back of my mind, I'm pretty sure I will be able to stomach this flick well enough to enjoy the healthy dose of Rathbone without the fuckery that is his Twi-hair.

And, of course, he showed up at the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards this Saturday. So freaking cute. NGL, that hat is not my favorite, but I am a fan of his style nonetheless. He's relaxed around kids and easy-going with them (kinda reminds me of The Gos... whoa, there's the quiver again) and was cool about getting slimed. What's not to love? There was almost a *
gasp!* when I thought he had cut his hair, then removal-of-the-hat-post-slime occured and calmed me the fuck down.


It's just ridiculous how adorable this guy is. I believe that there is quite a clean-up needed post-sliming, eh? You can sign me up for that. Right. Now.

I don't know who this chick is, nor her purpose for attending the show (and I'm not going to waste time looking her up, thanks) but I am certainly thankful that she slimed Jackson via magic and enabled hat-removal. I loooooooved KCA Rathbone.

Lastly, the arrival of Anntastic meant the arrival of a new batch of espresso beans, because she's a thoughtful bitch like that. And since I have a couple of lattes each day (for the Judgy McJudgerson's out there, they help with my sanity
and my lack of energy) a new batch of beans is heavenly. Anyhow, while I was enjoying a latte last week, a friend of ours tweeted out this photo of Jackson+coffee. So. Pretty. BUT, it reminded me of the photo that inititally peaked my j.action interest (also a Jackson+coffee shot). For some reason unknown to me, when this man holds a cup of coffee it is the equivalent to beating down the men on my Freebie list who reside above him. For reals, he's moving up.





NaughtySparkle said...

*tear* (Terrance style) I love you guys and would be happy hanging out with y'all all the time!! A..COME BACK!!!

Oh my whining is done. MrsBing, I will gladly go to the movie with you and even put my hands over your eyes to hide you from the skeeeery! I don't care if his hair is Hansel-like it's making my HeyNow sing. Don't know why but it's SF HOT!! I'm not a huge fan of My Chemical Romance or anything but that RathboneMEPLEASE pic at the top reminds me of the guitarist from MCR. I even have a link to support my suggestion. Now, of course the bone structure isn't as nice but he's pretty cute too:

Oh yeah...watching Jackson made me slippery....from the SLIME you pervs!

17foreverlisa said...

Welcome back!! Sounds like you had fun while you were away, though, which is what counts.

You may want to check out a blog that I follow called Twired. It's run by two sisters, one of which coined the phrase "Jacksonitis." LOL!

They have actually met him a couple of times at his 100 Monkeys concerts and have posted pictures on their blog. At any rate, the one sister did this post recently about Jackson's movie:

Great post and great to have you back.

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