Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The One With No Photographic Evidence

So it's been a while peeps. Lots of reasons for that, not the least of which is I was on a fucking vacation!! You know the kind, where you spend hours organizing get-togethers, building in naptimes (only to have them not nap), and trying to keep the peace between each family member. It's the vacation where you need a vacation afterwards. Or a stiff drink on the flight home followed immediately by a trip to the dayspa.

But this vacation was extra special. We happened to arrive on Friday, March 19, which any TRUE Twilight fan will know was the night of the New Moon DVD release. AND! I happened to be vacationing in the same town where the Bings reside (we used to live there too!), as well as the lovely NaughtySparkle. (Can you believe that they live in the same subdivision? That they met thru me, online, and now have frequent lattes & Details Mag viewing sessions? SO UNFAIR!) Anywho...when she realized our trip would coincide with the NM release, MrsBing immediately put together a little NM viewing party at her house for a group of us who are FANS :) A Squeee-Fest for sure. Snacks & wine & getting so see one another for the first time in aaaages. Plus, you know, Edward on the TV.

I'd like to tell you all that the evening's spread looked JUST like this. I swear.

So that Saturday night, I ditched Manntastic & the Kiddos at the beach house after dinner, put on my Chucks, packed my Twilight Action Figures & camera, & headed for the Bings. And after weeks of anticipation, of promises to snuggle on the sofa & take pics of Fun Size Edward watching his alter ego get his ass kicked by the Volturi... what do you think the five of us did on this night we were so looking forward to?

We chit-chatted. All night. With New Moon playing in the background and our Action Figures lying in a pile by the hummus just ready for poseable hi-jinx to ensue. And did we take any pictures? Did we document this momentous night of the Twifecta Reunion / NM viewing party in any way? Nope. Not one. Single. Photo.

WTF girls? All this trouble and A) you barely watch the flick
and B) you don't even take a picture? What kind of Blogger ARE YOU?

Though you might not believe me, MrsBing had put out quite a spread of nibbly bits & MrBing broke out the Reisling he brings back from his travels to Germany. And of course there were the New Moon plates, napkins, and chocolates. Some of us had our Chucks on. Or math-related jammies, not naming any names (ahem*MrsBing*ahem).

MrsBing. She serves up the very best PI ever.
Sorry, babes, this had to be mentioned. MWAH!

THESE were by far the favorite snicky-snack of the night.
Cream cheese filled Salami Roll-ups. Would make Homer proud. Mmmm.....
PS - that's not my finger. Or MrsBing's.

But what we DID do was loll about the sofa, wine in hand, candles lit, lights low, and got to talk Twilight IN PERSON. You should have heard the conversation bounce all over the place! We couldn't get everything we wanted to say & talk about out in one little night! Don't get me wrong, we did turn to the TV on occasion to make fun of Edward & Bella running in slo-mo, or to marvel at Rob's bare back in Italy. But I kid you not, we talked more than anything. This is a huge fandom, and many friendships are made online thru Fanfiction sites, Twitter, and various Twilight blogs or LiveJournal communities. More and more, ladies are finding ways to meet up with kindred spirits in Real Life. I'm just lucky that I've known MrsBing for 5 years and counted her amongst my closest before we ever fell down this crazy Twilight rabbit hole. So to get a whole night of totally geeked out Twi-talk - not just with MrsBing, but with NaughtySparkle and two other RL friends was an insane treat. To see the faces I usually only imagine behind a desktop, or read in 140 Twitter characters, or in an email was just THE best thing ever. Let's just say that one night was really not enough to adequately enjoy these funny, talented, and strong women who are wives and mothers just like me. And who are equally as obsessed with all things Twilight.

NM DVD night was epic PictureFail! So instead I offer you a look
at our dolls on the night we went to see the NM midnight premiere!

Before I go, I have to tell you one last little story. At one point during the evening, MrBing (who really wanted to watch the movie, I think) bowed out & headed to Lowe's to "look around." I'm pretty sure listening to his wife & 4 friends swoon over Edward's jaw & critique Jacob's thick neck got a bit too much. He hung in there for a good while, which is why he earns a Gold Star for being an awesome Fandom Husband. MrBing, we salute you!!

The Anntastic & Bing Chucks on 11/22 when we brought
MrBing to see NM for his first viewing. What. A. Guy.


Kitty Elvis said...

That's pretty much how my viewing was too...the movie was on but we were drinking, talking and cracking ourselves up with our commentary and tangent obsessing.

TFX-Of KeepersoftheNaughtySparkle said...

I kid you NOT ladies....When I made it home *what was it nearly 3am?* I face-palmed having realized we had taken NO pictures. It's like we couldn't stop for a second the be bothered with photos! I would like to go on record though and say that the Pi shirt was as fantastic as Anntastic herself said.

I think the picture of Twi Edward feeling NM Edward up should be shown as well.

Not to get all mushy again, but I really am lucky to have met ladies as wonderful as you. Twilight or not you guys are just the bees knees! <3

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