Monday, April 12, 2010

The One Where Twifecta Gets Behind-the-Scenes

The Twi-cast has been all up in the news lately, showing their awesomeness via photo opportunities, interviews, and general fuck-you's to the overseers. Here's a brief run-down:
Okay, please say that you follow Christian Serratos on Twitter. She tweets out pretty good stuff. And by pretty good, I mean a shitload of self-promoting tweets, Ashley-Greene-styles. This photo, for instance, was gooooood. She visited a Naval base with Alex Meraz and Daniel Cudmore, and they were set-up for this photo op. She tweeted out the photo, but obvs didn't let us in on the behind-the-scenes. Fortunately for you, Twifecta has the goods.

Row3: Pilot3, Pilot4. Row2: Pilot2, Pilot5.
Front row: Pilot1, Christian Serratos, Alex Meraz, Daniel Cudmore.

Killing time in the breakroom after meeting some of the cast:
Pilot2 to Pilot1: Dude, why the fucking smile? Do you know who these people are or something?
P1: You don't? They're the kids from that vampire movie. Hasn't your girlfriend threatened to take the pussy away to get you to watch it with her?
P3: What a minute, what?! You've seen that shit?
P1: Yeah, my wife made me though. *Rolls eyes* I totally didn't want to. (God, that Angela chick is SO much hotter in person. I think I'll throw Twilight in "for the wife" after dinner tonight.)
P3: No fucking way! I would never watch that.
P4: I don't know about you douchebags over there, talking about that meet-and-greet like we were really hanging out with celebrities, but I signed up for that to get out of the Commander's Call this afternoon.
P5: Yeah, I'm with you. I just wanted to see how fucking shiny and clean they could get the hangar in preparation for the "celebrities."
Meahwhile, in the limo leaving the base:
Meraz: I'm so fucking glad I left my jorts at home. Those guys would have ripped me a new one. Maybe I should have removed my necklace, as well...
Cudmore: Definitely pocket your necklace, dude. I can't believe those scrawny-ass pilots didn't know who we were. I mean, everyone knows about the Twilight series. They should have been stoked at the meet-and-greet. I'll get more ass for the mere fact that I touched Robert Pattinson than they ever will for wearing those green pajamas to work anyway.
Serratos: Wait, what? Whaaaaat are you guys talking about? Wasn't it bright in there? Gawd, I had to wear my shades AND that hat that they gave me. Ugh, that hat! Wasn't my style, but I bet they were totally turned on. I thought they would be more excited to meet me. Didn't they see me half-naked for PETA? Maybe they would have been more complementary if YOU two hadn't tagged along...

Across the nation, Ashley Greene did an interview with Daily Actor. Did anyone catch it? More specifically, did anyone catch the acting adivce that she dished out for fellow actors? Acting advice. I am sofuckingconfused. Before Twilight, she had only done a handful of small jobs. This doesn't mean that she is lacking in talent, maybe she just found her break early in her career. Or not. Maybe the whole of the New Moon movie showed that she is lacking in talent. It was bad. I think that she is beautiful, I think that she fits the description of Alice (nearly perfectly), I think that she works hard and has stumbled upon a good bit of luck. I do not think that she did an outstanding job delivering any of her lines in New Moon. She was the hardest for me to watch and get on board with. And she's giving acting advice to fellow actors. Pish.

I don't know about you fine people, but I want acting advice from this gal.
The one playing the McDonald's customer. Like, now.

Of course, our most favorite Twi-in-the-News item lately should come as no surprise to anyone, as it is not brand new information that the Twifecta ladies are major, serious, and shameless shippers of the R+K love. And it looks like our Anntastic was correct in assuming that Kristen would be getting her #1 birthday wish this weekend: ass a la Pattinson. This Twi-in-the-news made browsing through all of the other garbage totes worth it.

Happyfuckingbirthday to our fave gal.


Kitty Elvis said...
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Kitty Elvis said...

Haha! Yeah, Ashley giving acting advice...Maybe someone should give her some? And you called it with the birthday shenanigans. I hope you were also correct about their attire. :P

TFX-Of KeepersoftheNaughtySparkle said...

1) Loved the "behind the scenes" of that photo. And YES, ALWAYS, pocket the necklace!!!

2) I think my girlcrush on Ashely is wide known..that being said just NO. She is BEAUTIFUL and does work hard, but she is still learning the art of acting. Now if they went to Ms. Portman and asked for acting advice that is a young beautiful actress EVERYONE should listen to what she has to say about it.

3) Ummm doesn't the cashier look KIND of like Zooey in that McDonalds commercial? Just sayin'.

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