Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The One With The Rant

Okay, let me address this chocolate thing (with chocolate in hand, of course) before we go any further with this post. Anntastic's end-of-Lent post could not have painted a better picture of how much LOVE I feel for all things chocolate. There was definitely a scary-ish Augustus Gloop situation happening here during the earliest moments of Easter Sunday. Let me paint it for you. I took two chocolate cupcakes upstairs to bed. I ate my first with jams on and under the covers, and it was glorious. I set the second on my nightstand so that I could eat it first thing upon waking (like, before even removing my feet from the bed). I ate chocolate for breakfast. Post-church, we ran out for mochas, came home for another two chocolate cupcakes (this was lunch), and then I had a little pasta because MrBing thought it might be a good idea for me to put something other than cocoa in my system. Eh. And the remainder of the day proceeded in much the same fashion, as I ingested gross amounts of chocolate with intermittent bites of real food to appease the hubs. Like I said: glorious.

At least this kid came up for air while drowning himself in chocolate.

Okay, now to carry on with what I really want to rant about... Yes, rant. I've been a whiny, grumpy little bitch for the past couple of days, so I'm feeling like a rant. While we're at it, I should let you know that I don't want to read about Bree fucking Tanner. I am sorry, but I can't be excited and I am not feeling antsy for it. Zero anticipation. I know that I will read it because this bitch is loyal to Meyer, creator of sparkly vamps and amazing bronze hair and hard, cold fingers. I can admit that I will also purchase it because I will neeeeed it to complete my set. But I don't care about Bree Tanner's first nor second lives. I care about Midnight Sun and I want it fucking finished. Now.

Free, schmee. I don't care. I want Midnight Sun.

While we're at it, I want to know why my city is on the 100 Monkeys 100Cities tour list, yet never fucking scheduled for?! They have literally played all of the way up to me, skipped me, continued up and around and back down and then skipped me once again. I'm developing a complex. And anxiety. Should I plan to drive to another city so that I'm guaranteed to catch them on the road? Should I be patient (really? Because I'm all out of patience...) and wait it out? What if they decide they can't make it or that my small-ish city is too small-ish? Whatiftheyremoveusfromthetourlistbutannounceitwhenit'stoolateandI'vemissedthemcompletely?! PANIC.

Okay okay I will leave j.action and j.rad alone! Just stop avoiding my city, ok? Pleeeeease? Please?

Lastly, I feel as though some of my patience is all tied up with Breaking Dawn and that I have absolutely nil chance of regaining it until someone makes up their fucking mind about this final installment. Seriously. Some of the fandom gals need to sit down with Summit (and whoever else is dragging their heels) and have a come-to-Jesus. It's not just me, I know it. WE need this. We ALL need this. I have referenced a particular post several times, hoping to retrieve a wee bit of my patience back. No such luck. Someone, somewhere throw us a fucking bone, okay?

We need Rob to nix the middle-part and cut some of the flop out of his hair.

I can't imagine it's too grab-able right now. Brushable, yes. Braidable, yes. Grab-able, no.


TFX-Of KeepersoftheNaughtySparkle said...

Oh MrsBing, your rants are MY rants. HONESTLY!

Finish Midnight Sun or GTFO!!!

You already know my feelings on the 100Monkeys show. ROAD TRIP if need be. Then, you will already have the hotel room when you are able to cash in your Jackson-Freebie.

"I can't imagine it's too grab-able right now. Brushable, yes. Braidable, yes. Grab-able, no."
-And this...just. Yes.

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