Friday, May 7, 2010

The One With The Fuckhawt Friday

IT's FRIIIII-DAY! (I'm still on an Oprah high. Can't stop sing-songing my words all Oprah-style.) There's been a fuckton of Twi-news & excitement this week: the Breaking Dawn release date. The Twi-fecta (not us, boo!) + Dakota taping Oprah, more delicious Eclipse stills, The Met Gala, and oh yeah, drama/excitement over Kristen & Rob & the sort-of-official-but-not-really news via Ted/Oprah. Personally, I'm just looking forward to the Oprah-centric manips I'm working on for Rob's birthday post. Oh yes, there WILL be couch.

So yeah, it's FRIIIII-DAY! Let's look at some lovely-delish Twi-things from around the interwebs. But first, here's a special Mother's Day message for all the lovely h00rs that read Twi-fecta. MrsBing and I fully expect to be spoiled & coddled within an inch of our lives by our hubs & bebes. Yeah right! I'm just hoping for a day off from emptying the dishwasher (damn those plastic sippy cups that never dry.) Somewhere on Twitter I read the BEST statement: For Mother's Day, all I really want is a killer orgasm and to spend the rest of the day alone. That pretty much sums it up for me!!


A Better Trailer

Twilight Eclipse LIT' RAL Trailer
(really, seriously...take the time to watch this. It's fah-reaking hysterical.)

Edward From Twilight To New Moon
(really, this one will dazzle the panties off you!)

Ah yes, Edward Cullen Dream Boss
(good thing the panties are already wrecked...)

Have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend, ladies.
Be sure to let us know if you receive anything unusual.
Like a unicorn, or laundry that you didn't have to fold!



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