Sunday, October 31, 2010

The One Where Rob Dresses Up

So we here at Twifecta got to thinking about Halloween. You know we've not seen His Holy Hotness in a while, save for the super awkward/confusing/funny Headmaster Holiday video last week (have you caught your breath yet, Taft kids?). And we were wondering if Rob would be dressing up this weekend. We're working from the assumption that he & Kristen (and maybe some of the cast) will be together. Based on that, here are a few ideas we think would really work for them.

Nothing is more popular than Glee at the moment (save for Jersey Shore, but I refuse to even type those words into Google image search on my computer), and we can't think of an easier costume than Sue Sylvester. Come on, you know how he & KStew have loads of Adidas laying around.

"Get ready for the ride of your life, Will Schuester.
You're about to board the Sue Sylvester Express. Destination: Horror!"

Parlaying the Sue Sylvester costume with Glee's latest episode, I can't stop recasting the Twilight crew as characters from The Rocky Horror Picture Show in my head. There was a twitter convo a few weeks ago about this, and while a good number of h00rs saw PFach as Frankenfurter, I only see Rob. Sweet Transvestite indeed. OMG the accent would become a deadly weapon.

Kellan as Rocky, and Kristen as Janet? I see you shiver with antici...... pation.

If Rob were still rocking his post-Bel Ami Bloat AND his Hobo Road Trip beard, I think Alan from the Hangover would be perfection. Assuming he'd have an actual hangover probably wouldn't be too far from the truth.

It's warm in Baton Rouge. He's pasty & pale. This wouldn't require a shower. This could work.

We're big pirate fans here at Twifecta. It's such a classic costume, we thought it would be a natural fit for Mr. Pattinson. Captain Rob, that is. Accent? CHECK! Effeminate guestures? CHECK! We'd walk his plank... We'd shiver his timbers. He could check out our pirate's booty. I'd show him where X marks the spot. Oh the euphemisms!

We're happy to raise your Jolly Roger, Cap'n Rob! Arrrrrgh...

If he were looking to go the kid-friendly route, we suggest the highly popular DJ Lance from Nick's trippy Yo Gabba Gabba. Nothing like dancing around with a giant orange dildo, eh?

"There's a party in my tummy, so yummy so yummy!"
"Don't don't don't bite your friends!"

Going the celeb route once again, we thought an evening spent as Russell Brand & Katy Perry would be fun for them both. Rob would rock Brand's signature look, considering his extensive use of leather pants & velvet blazers back in his Harry Potter days. Kristen could play up her ultra-glam red carpet look, and Rob could show a little chest hair.

The gold shark-tooth necklace would be PERFECT with this outfit!

Now if you want to talk about a super easy costume, how about dressing up as his BFF Tom Sturridge? I don't know how Kristen tells them apart to begin with.

"Wait, Rob are you dressed as me, or am I dressed as you?"
"Shit Tom, I dunno? All our clothes come from the same suitcase anyway?"

Certainly last but not least, if he's still got his beard, a simple cardboard sign is all he needs to complete an authentic Hobo look on the fly. I like the creativity in this particular sign. Ninjas are particularly relevant these days!

Hobo Rob is always win. And always lurking in between roles.

Happy Halloween from the Twi-fecta Girls!



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