Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The One With The Fun

It's been a good while since we've rec'd any fic finds over here on the blog. Crazily enough, MrsBing and I have been busy blowing through what we like to call the "Twi-cast Book Club." That's what we call "reading all the books that are being turned into movies and star anyone from Twilight." So essentially we've been muddled through Bel Ami, Water For Elephants, and On the Road. I was also held captive by Maggie Stiefvater's Shiver & Linger. GOOD LORD, cliffie!!! Not to mention that whole end-of-summer obsession both MrsBing & I (and the entire fandom) had with the Hunger Games Trilogy (repeats to self: I WILL not look for HG fic, I WILL not look for HG fic... I may have already read a few HG fics. Oh wait!)

Oh no. Not. Going. There. Not. Gonna. Go. There..... Yet.

Anyway, I've continued reading Twi-fic here & there, most of which have been rec'd hard & repeatedly (TWSS) on other dedicated Twific sites. But these two latest finds sucked up my evenings last week & I have to pass them along.

First up is an absolutely hysterical one-shot by Just_Shireen. called Super. It was written for the A Picture Says It All contest and this was her photo prompt:

"When the little stuff added up the universe was trying to say something.
It was saying, "Stay home, Bella Swan."
However, there is only so long a girl can reasonably be expected to go without Diet Coke."

Bella is having a very bad day. She ventures out to procure necessities. Chaos and some uh...super...things end up happening. It's so refreshing to read a Bella like this. She's real, she's sarcastic, self-deprecating, and for some reason I can really relate to her. It's one of the few Bella's that I think would be in my own circle of friends. Just Shireen writes this gem with a very straightforward style and does a fantastic job of incorporating her picture prompt into the story. It's fun, it's fast, it's hot, and this Edward is the sweet to this Bella's tart.

Late last week I accidentally left my book (On the Road) at the coffeehouse. In my scramble to find something to read late at night (because I'm never NOT reading) I picked this next Fic off my To Be Read list. It had been rec'd by a multitude of trusted tweeps, it was a short 6 chapters, and was rumoured to be very cute. And it was.

Accidents happen. Sometimes you die and meet God.
Sometimes you live and meet Doctor SexGod. B&E. AH. AU.

Died and Gone to Heaven by DoUTrustMe is a fun little AH/AU fic with a VERY sassy Bella and an exceedingly patient Edward. A patient Edward who is actually a doctor caring for Bella post-accident. Bella wakes up missing part of her memory, but none of her sass and endeavors to figure out who Edward is to her. Though she uncovers his "identity" within the first chapter, the next five are devoted to her learning just who she is, what she likes, and what their life is all about. It involves a lot of costumes, a lot of euphemisms, and a lot of lemons.

DoUTrustMe has created a very enthusiastic & fun-loving Bella with no brain-to-mouth filter. She's constantly compiling a list of her very favorite "Edward features" (I moved Doc Sex's ass to the top of my list.
He was undoing the buttons of his shirt. He was taking off his shirt. I added his back to the list.) Her Edward is patient, adoring, and tender. And he matches her wit for wit. Did I mention he's patient? Whether she's cutting the drawstrings out of his pajama bottoms or hiding his boxer briefs, he does nothing but play along and indulge her. As Bella relentlessly attempts to get him in bed post-accident, he handles her exuberance with affection and care. At the same time he helps reveal to her just what her life is all about. It's sweet, funny - particularly the first few chapters - and just the perfect read before bed.

I highly encourage you to give these two little finds a go. With so many angst/heartfail fics making the rounds these days, it was refreshing to find some light-hearted fun. And if I find more, I'll be sure to pass it along. Anything to help through this Breaking Dawn sort-of-drought. Gos forbid we pick up a "real" book.


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