Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The One With The Jumping Rob

So what's a fandom to do when the info coming out of Brazil is repeatedly hot & never-ending? Yeah, pick the least flattering one of Rob & make it into the latest Tumblr meme/internet craze. Twi-fecta had a few ideas of our own.

Spider monkey? How 'bout flying monkeys?

The whole "leaving" thing could have been avoided if JumpingRob were
there to tame the beast.... er....

Can't beat'em? Join 'em. Black manties >>> jorts any day.

Swooping in for the save, this JumpingRob looks a lot like the Ballet-Studio
wire-work from Twilight. In other words, cheesetastic.

NO Bell-ar!!! I won't take your SOUL!!!

Wahooooo! Party at La Push, baby!!

If only Edward HAD joined the fight at the outset....

Just catchin' grapes & doin' flips with TayTay!

I'd be happy to be the filling in this mantie-sandwich. just sayin'

For more JumpingRob goodness, check out the best:


TheonlyMrs(Kassie)Cullen said...

I love your jumping Rob pictures. I had so much fun making my own.

Fork Head said...

effin' hilarious!!! I agree, that is the least flattering pic of Rob! LOL

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