Saturday, February 13, 2010

The One Where It's A HappyFuckingValentine'sDay

NGL, I had a pretty fantastic little post going for your Valentine's Day weekend. That shit went out the door last night when I put the Bing kiddos down and discovered the most panty-wrecking photos I have seen since THE Vogue outtakes. And I'm sorry, but my head's just not where it needs to be to finish that post. So I'm just going to go where I know you all want me to. Let's face it, ladies, if I half-assed the rest of that V-Day post and actually put it up here, you'd nix Twi-fecta for the stash 'o photos that you pulled last night. So here we go. And happyfuckingvalentinesday.

Is the sunshine necessary to highlight his perfect fucking features? I don't think so.
His eyes KILL ME. And even though his stare is most captivating, I still totes notice her nails. WTF?

Oh. My. Cock. Ohmycock. (The Sweetest Thing, please tell me you've seen it?) They may as well have photographed HIS because it's all anyone is thinking about today. Well, that and the hair. And the jaw. And the eyes. And the magical fucking fingers. And if I'm going to be honest, I've done a hell of a lot of thinking about the heels. Details got it right, eh? This shoot was done beautifully and was So. Damn. Sexy. Every one of the outfits that they put together for him were sublime. This shoot showed some seriously impressive styling, and I would LOVE to have been there to see the art direction of it all (for more than the obvs reasons).

There were so many photos and each one made the ladyplace happy.
But I'm going to be so bold as to claim a fave. *gasp!* And this is it.
His magicalfuckingfingers on the ass, the look on his face, his chest hair,
the ribbons on her heels, her bracelets, ooooh la!
There is everything about this photo to like. Hence the cover shot.

Now I'm going to direct you back to a post that was put out at the beginning of this year. Please be patient with me, it's for a reason. It was all about the three panty-prepping methods that we'd need for the explosion (heh.) of events coming up. Click on this photo for a refresher (because this is right about where I ruined mine).

Oh, heeeeey! My panties were caught by surprise, for sure. Is this guy even real?

Now, I know that a handful of you knew when to expect the release of these pics, but I was unprepared. My little undies had no time to get ready and there was zero time for me to put methods A, B, nor C into effect. I want to know: How would you have prepared for the Details pics? Would you change the panties, forget them altogether, or bring out the Shamwanties? I'm going with panties? What panties? Why change them when you're just gonna go through every fucking pair? Why pull out the Shamwanties when they won't serve the purpose they're designed for? So forget 'em. And if you have any on, I suggest you remove them fuckingquickly before you view the video. You can't say I didn't warn you.

After taking the prep-poll (on the right sidebar), follow your own advice and get ready...
Click on the photo above for a most delicious video. And enjoy. Happyfuckingweekend.

Wanna get pregnant every time you look at your desktop?
Visit Maria for this gorgeous - and many other equally panty-wrecking - gem!


17foreverlisa said...

There really is no use in thinking of anything else today, is there? I'm surprised the internet didn't come to a crashing halt last night. The Vanity Fair shoot got a similar reaction, but this one...well, there just aren't any words to describe what this does to me/us.

I love b&w images and use them a lot on my blog. For today's post, I converted the cover shot into b&w and it's gorgeous, but I also used the first one in your post, and it lost something in translation to b&w, so I left it in color. The FME eyes are what got me in that one.

Thank you for the gorgeous Details wallpaper btw.


P.S.: I see you're reading The Anonymous Series. That is my absolute favorite. Based on that one, do you have any recs for me?

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